UNLEASH THE ARCHERS’ Brittney Slayes Explains How She Survives COVID-19


Normally, the COVID-19 QUESTIONS section was already closed. But for UNLEASH THE ARCHERS singer Brittney Slayes we will make an exception, as she gave us a very good reason why she handed in her answers to the 3 questions too late. So here is what she does to get through the days during this COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you survive this COVID-19 crisis?

One word: Twitch! Both Andrew and I started streaming on Twitch when we got back from the US tour (that was cut short by COVID) and it has been awesome. It is such an amazing community with wonderful people. We have made so many great friends on there over the last few months and discovered so many talented content creators as well. Most nights if someone I like is streaming I would much rather do that than watch Netflix or scroll YouTube. It’s also an awesome way to keep in touch with fans! You get to hang out with everyone and chat about whatever you like and play video games with others so you don’t feel like a lonely couch slug. 😉 Love it! Would probably have gone crazy without it!    


What do you miss most (personal or band wise) during these days?

Playing live shows, obviously hahaha. We had ten shows left on the tour we were on and almost all of them were sold out and we had so many friends and fans coming out… It was just devastating when we found out Coronavirus was a serious issue and had to fly home asap. Then to learn slowly over time that all of our summer festivals, and even the tours we had planned for Fall were to be cancelled as well? I was in a dark place for a while there, but now things are starting to get better. Shows and tours are starting to be rebooked for 2021 and we can’t wait! I think the shows in 2021 are going to be huge and super high energy; the artists will be so excited to perform, and the fans will be excited to watch!

What is the first thing you will do when this whole thing is over?

Go to the movies!!! I am a massive cinephile and usually go to the movies at least twice a month, so to go this long without a night out at the theatre is killing me. Plus, the fact that so many great films have either been postponed or released straight to streaming services is really sad; some movies are just meant for the big screen! I had a long list of films I had wanted to see in theatre (A Quiet Place 2, Black Widow, Mulan, plus many others) and I am worried I may never get the chance. One exciting thing though, there has been a resurgence for the local drive-in theatres! I think they are so fun and retro and deserve more success. 😉 Long live the movies!!!

-Brittney Slayes  \m/

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