Swedish symphonic metal legends THERION sign worldwide contract with Napalm Records

THERION feature


New Album To Be Released Later This Year!

THERION albumMost bands don’t hang around a label too long, a couple of albums to the max and then the contract is shredded. Swedish symphonic metal band THERION, formed in 1987 by allrounder Christofer Johnsson, stayed with Nuclear Blast for 26 years during which they did almost a dozen studio albums together. But now it’s time for a new course. THERION have signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records and here’s the official reaction from the band:

“After almost 30 years of being signed to Nuclear Blast Records, it felt like it was time to try something new when we were out of the contract. Napalm Records is one of the biggest and best metal labels around and they have shown interest in THERION for many years, so when the time came to look around for a new label, it felt natural to start negotiating with them. We came to terms and now we are thrilled to start working with them and have great confidence that they will do an amazing job with the coming final album in the Leviathan trilogy”. There will be more info on Leviathan III the upcoming months. THERION bandChristofer would also like to express his sincere and deep gratitude to Nuclear Blast Records for everything they did for the band over the years – and for being exceptionally cool and nice people”.

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