FALSE MEMORIES dissolved after Rossella Moscatello departs earlier



Totally unexpected, Rossella Moscatello, for many years the front woman of Italian dark metal band FALSE MEMORIES, announced today that she decided to step back from the band. Her last album with FALSE MEMORIES, Hybrid Ego System, was released in June 2023. Rossella will be back though, as she’s going to create a new, huge project for which a crowdfunding campaign has already started. Here’s Rossella‘s official statement from her Facebook page:

“Today I’ll announce a very huge statement to you because finally I decided to make public my decision to step back from FALSE MEMORIES. Yes, I know, it was a hard and suffered decision because of the efforts I put in this project and band. I worked so hard for it with the other members of the band, but unluckily I had to make this decision. I am totally grateful for all the love I received from all affectionate fans and for the magic I experienced on stage with each one of you, but you know that where a cycle ends, there’s a new start: so I am happy to say that I am on my way to create a very new, huge project to present you and I can’t wait to show loudly to the whole world! It will be hard at the very first time, so I thought about creating a crowdfunding campaign with rewards for those who will help me to re-start again! If you want to help me to realize this huge enterprise, you can do it by clicking in the direct link to my crowdfunding campaign in the link on my bio, in the link section or under this post. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE 🖤



UPDATE: On June 6th, FALSE MEMORIES made an official statement on their Facebook page that the band have dissolved.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/falsememoriesband
BANDCAMP: https://falsememoriesband.bandcamp.com/music