Eternal Rising

Recently established Italian band XENERIS is about to release their first album. They present a symphonic power metal product, and if you know me, this is exactly my favorite combination. This expansive album presents a novel perspective on the genre by fusing sophisticated melodies with a daring, inventive spirit. Even though it might not become a classic right away, the song sets up the band for success in the future.

From Barbarossa to Equinox, it is evident that XENERIS has a talent for writing catchy songs. Throughout the entire album the interplay between the soaring vocals, intense guitar riffs, and sumptuous orchestral arrangements is a standout. Songs that take listeners to fantasy worlds, such as Pandora’s Box and Shahrazad, stand out for their grandiose, cinematic nature.

Here’s where XENERIS really excels: innovation. They experiment with non-traditional song structures and a wide range of instrumentation, going beyond the formulaic boundaries of symphonic power metal. The combination of modern and classical elements in Eternal Rising shows how far the band can take the genre. The closing track is the cherry on top, an amazing ballad that highlights the talent of the group.

Even though Eternal Rising is a strong debut, there are unfortunately some minor issues with it. Certain tracks have cohesive passages that seem overly ambitious. Despite their sincerity and depth of theme, some passages occasionally go into clich├ęs, which lessens their overall impact. XENERIS possesses both the potential and the vision to produce genuinely remarkable music in the future with further development and improvement. As this talented band continues to refine their distinct sound, fans of the genre should keep a watch on them.

At this time, we must also recognize and honor the positive traits. In actuality, Eternal Rising‘s mixing, mastering, and production all merit special praise. Rich and immersive, the album’s aural landscape allows each instrument to shine without overpowering the others. The production quality ensures that the intricate layers of orchestral elements and the powerful drive of the metal components blend seamlessly.

A beautiful and dynamic listening experience is produced by the careful mixing, which strikes a balance between the strong guitars, soaring vocals, and sweeping symphonics. The album’s depth and clarity are improved, and every note and nuance is presented with flawless precision thanks to the mastering, which brings everything together. The album’s overall effect is substantially enhanced by this degree of technical mastery, which also demonstrates XENERIS‘s dedication to quality.

To sum up, Eternal Rising is a good debut that focuses on XENERIS‘s advantages and suggests even bigger things to come. Anyone interested in learning more about the changing face of symphonic power metal should definitely go on this adventure!

Benedetta Baldin