Karn Of Burnings 

In numerology, the number 5 symbolizes freedom, curiosity and change. These three words wouldn’t be more perfect to describe the fifth album of Finnish band UNSHINE called Karn Of Burnings, which will be released on March 22nd.

Freedom because the band has found a very unique, personal and distinguishable way of expressing their art through sounds, melodies and chants. Freedom because they are not willing to abide to any rule imposed, and that is where their identity lies.

Curiosity because you will want to discover more and more about this fantastic group, led by the haunting voice of Susanna Vesilahti. Her low notes are simply extraordinary, adding depth and warmth to her singing. Curiosity because Susanna sings in English and in Finnish, emphasizing even more the meaning and the message she wants to deliver.

Change because Karn Of Burnings is not your ordinary folk album. It’s not your ordinary metal album. It’s a ritual, a journey to your roots, a deep change into what we are used to. Don’t expect anything before hitting play, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You can dance around the fire on Sakraali Elementaali, headbang on Aettarfylgja and then rest on Tara. UNSHINE have crafted a spectacular record with a song for everyone, even for the skeptical listeners. In an era where many artists play it safe, UNSHINE stand out as a beacon of creativity, pushing boundaries and defying expectations.

Harri Hautala, wielding both guitar and keys, showcases his masterful command over the musical palette, introducing elements that elevate the compositions to new heights. Jari Hautala‘s guitar work merges skills and creativity, weaving intricate patterns that contribute to the album’s overall sonic richness. The rhythmic foundation, skillfully laid down by Jukka Hantula on drums and Teemu Vähäkangas on bass, provides the necessary backbone for the band’s experimental ventures, ensuring a tight and dynamic musical cohesion. It’s their collective prowess that propels the music into uncharted territory, solidifying UNSHINE‘s position as pioneers in the realm of musical exploration.

As a listener who typically favors short musical tracks, I initially approached UNSHINE‘s lengthier compositions with a hint of hesitation. However, it didn’t take long for any preconceived notions to dissipate as the sheer brilliance of their musical storytelling unfolded. And if a band can change my preconceptions like this, it’s undeniable that their craft goes above and beyond everyone.

Druid metal has a new standard now. UNSHINE‘s upcoming album consolidates the band’s artistic courage and willingness to evolve. By refusing to conform to expectations, they have created a work of art that challenges the listeners and invites them to explore new dimensions of sound. This is not just an album – it’s a bold proof from a band that refuses to be confined by musical norms. UNSHINE has set a new level for innovation, and their enigmatic voyage is one that deserves to be celebrated.

Benedetta Baldin