First Uprising (EP)

I love finding new music. Not that my favorite classic albums won’t hit anymore, but it’s always so fun to check out new music on the ground level. Newer bands have such a passion and fire that is so inspiring. German melodic death metal outfit UNBOWED have hit that perfect sweet spot for me.

With pungent and groovy melodic riffs, extremely relevant socio-political lyrics, and brutal songwriting skills, UNBOWED creates a metal cocktail that is impossible not to enjoy. With their new EP First Uprising, fans of melodic death metal or just great tunes will find something to bang their head to.


Active since 2024, UNBOWED are making waves with their unique blend of anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist metal with a huge kick in the teeth to establishment norms. I have always stated that heavy metal music is one of, if not the most, inclusive music of the working class. UNBOWED’s lyrics are poignant and thought-provoking and preach for important issues while knocking down your door.


First Uprising kicks things into gear with Suits Of Lies, a kickass political anthem that feels like if Pete Seeger released a metal album. The musicality of this track is top-notch and lyrics such as “They serve their greed, not the people’s need / Feeding off our sweat, our hands bleed / Divide and deceive, with lies they breed / We see through their games, our anger freed” are second-to-none in the modern metal scene.

Energetic and defiant, the EP is easy to lose yourself in. I found myself replaying the entire EP over and over, but the most intriguing and consistent in my playlist came from standout tracks Asphyxiated By Golden Jaws and Bound By Code. Both of these songs offer interesting sonic elements (especially Bound By Code with its melodic guitars and fantastical symphonic elements) and a youthful vibrancy that was so addicting.

At only eight tracks in length, I found myself wanting more from UNBOWED. Each track tends to fall on the longer side, so hopefully we will be getting a full-length soon with tracks just as long and with just as much energy.


UNBOWED absolutely rules. I know that may sound blunt, but this album is like an extra-caffeinated latte with a healthy dash of conscious lyricism. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh take on melodeath, and wants to see a change in the world.

Matthew McCune