Winds Of Disdain (EP)

TRAIL OF TEARS, the Norwegian symphonic/gothic metal band, return with the 4- track EP Winds Of Disdain to be released via The Circle Music on 24th May. This being the band’s first release in more than a decade. The band reformed in 2020 with a combination of new and original members.

Two of the four tracks have been released as singles, those being the title track Winds Of Disdain and Blood Red Halo. This is a blistering return after such a long absence and doesn’t stray too far away from their original sound. I think it is even a touch more brutal and brings the band up to the here and now sound wise.

Ailyn (formerly of Sirenia) is a great addition to the band with her established beautiful soaring vocals and has formed an Angelic/Demonic connection with Ronny Thorsen, who provides the harsh vocals. The vocal duo is backed by the crushing guitar sounds of Runar Hansen and Nicolay Jørni Johnsen, as well as the hammering bass of Endre Moe and the cracking drums of Jonathan A. Perez.

All four tracks are of the highest standard, reassuring the devoted fans who stuck with the band that they are back and not going anywhere this time around. Firmly entrenched in their chosen genre the songs are powerful, heavy, dramatic and impassioned while tinged with occasional lighter moments.

This EP, though only short, will attract new fans and re-establish the band on the metal scene. It also gives the listener a good indication of what a new full-length album from the band will sound like and we hope it’s not too far away. In summary, if you are a fan of the heavier side of the symphonic/gothic metal sound then I highly recommend this release.

Peter Sym