The Aeon Discordance

SHADOWPATH return with their second album The Aeon Discordance to be independently released on 10th March 2024. The album is preceded by the first two singles – Outside The Tetrahedron and the current single Unwounded We Bleed. The album is a follow up to the 2017 release Rumours Of A Coming Down which was a well-received album at the time. SHADOWPATH has their own individual style encompassing sounds from symphonic progressive gothic and death metal influences.

The album begins with the epic The Lifeline Economist at 15 minutes + which is the perfect showcase for the talents within the band. Beginning with a delicate piano, followed by male and female vocals duetting. And then the band kicks in bringing the dynamics with powerful guitars, leading to the growls backed by the heaviness of the sound building to grand proportions. And we are only halfway through when the lightness makes an appearance, highlighting the light and shade on show. Of course, to be epic a song needs meaningful lyrics which are here in abundance.

It’s always difficult on an album to follow such an opus of a track, but Outside The Tetrahedron has no issues there as it is a strong, aggressive track with a fast pace, a great combination of the male growls from keyboardist Philipp Bohny and the clean female vocals and a tasty piano breakdown in the middle.

Unwounded We Bleed is I think my favourite track and begins with engaging piano and the beautiful female vocals of Simone Christinat who contributes some growls as well. Showing a bit more of the lighter side of the band, but the track picks up and rocks hard until we return to a lovely finish with the piano and vocals.

A Coming Storm follows and here the pace slows a bit with chugging guitars and again the variance in vocals between growls and clean female vocals. The pace picks up towards the end leaving with a strong finish. Sound effects are also added at the beginning and end.

Next we have Reveries In Blue”. At only just over a minute it highlights the guitars, specifically the luscious lead guitar from James Pankhurst. Perhaps a hint of early influences. It’s a perfect lead into Homecoming (Sleepy Lies The Forrest), the most emotive song on the album with very committed vocals, clean and growls, aided by a delicious guitar solo and pounding drums.

Eyes Of Our Brothers kicks in from the start with the amalgamation of the keyboards and guitars and the underlying piano. The song ebbs and flows throughout and it sounds like it has special meaning to the band.

Why just have one epic tune on an album when you can produce two? Demons Within at 10 minutes + takes the listener on a journey, but this time to the darker side of the band. Featuring strong female vocals and brutal male growls, but also a duet of gritty female vocals with the male growls. Powerful drumming by Samuel Baumann backing up the thudding slower guitars, and the inventive keyboards and piano play an important role in giving depth to the sound.

Fittingly, the album is completed with At The End Of It All. A melancholic song with gorgeous vocals and exquisite piano.

A very strong release by SHADOWPATH which should gain them the attention they deserve after creating two very good albums, with this one improving on the previous album. If you like that combination of styles, I highly recommend this album and melodic progressive death metal band from Switzerland.

Peter Sym