A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia

I gotta say, there’s something about proggy metalcore that just makes me happy. Any time I feel stressed out from a crappy day at work or watch the news for more than 25 seconds, this sound provides the perfect outlet for my anger in a progressive and productive way.

RED HANDED DENIAL has struck gold yet again with their fourth full-length studio album A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia. Although I have to say, if virtual dystopia means I get to listen to this album over-and-over again, I think I might enjoy it.


Formed in Toronto in 2008, RED HANDED DENIAL provides their listeners with a non-pretentious form of metal that I personally can have some mainstream appeal. Fronted by Lauren Babic, this band provides the energy of djent-laden metalcore with all the melody that its neon tinged album cover promises. With a rhythm section that is extremely locked-in to one another, RED HANDED DENIAL experiments with electronic sounds in a very unique and pleasing manner that makes this album intriguing and easy to give multiple relistens.


A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia opens with the bombastic Parasite which sets the tone for the entire album. Catchy choruses and extremely competent musicality are what you get with this album. The syncopation of the kicks and rhythmic bass provide an amazing and beefy layer for the melodic vocals and guitars.

Each track fits perfectly into this beautiful metalcore and captivating pop hook puzzle. The electronic elements that are present throughout the entire album really pop in tracks such as One More Night, with an almost ambient synth line giving it an unforgettable cinematic quality, and industrial electronics of Smokescreen make this album feel familiar yet like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

My personal standout track from the album is Eat Glass. Besides having an absolutely brutal and harcore title, the song packs a punch that gives it the speedy force to keep the album running on high for the rest of the tracklist.


I had so much fun listening to this album and the replay factor is off the charts. Put this album on when you drive to work, when you drive home, when you shower, and especially when you’re in the mood for some quality tunes. A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia is available on May 24th, so buy a copy and enjoy!

Matthew McCune