The Hammer Of The Witch

If you are reading this review on Female Fronted Power, it might be for one reason or two. First, you probably like (or love, or adore) heavy metal. Second, you like (or love, or adore) bands that are fronted by a charismatic female singer. And if you happen to check out both boxes, you will surely enjoy NATTHAMMER‘s second album, The Hammer Of The Witch.

This record delivers a heavy dose of classic metal nostalgia, catering to the tastes of die-hard fans of the genre. While it may not break new ground in the realm of heavy metal, it certainly pays homage to the roots of the genre with its unapologetically old school approach

NATTHAMMER‘s main approach is staying true to their traditional metal influences. The album is packed with powerful guitar work, thunderous drumming, and gritty vocals that harken back to the golden age of metal.

To be only a second record, the production, mixing and mastering are done quite well, so it’s my usual to applaud the effort of the group in presenting a product that is very enjoyable to listen to. Both the message and the delivery must be enjoyable for the audience to keep appreciating a record, and we’ll never take it for granted!

Tracks like Steel Warrior and Queen Of Acid Skies showcase the band’s ability to craft catchy, headbanging anthems that are sure to ignite the fans wherever they’re played. The energy and intensity are palpable throughout the album, keeping the adrenaline pumping from start to finish.

However, it’s important to note that The Hammer Of The Witch doesn’t aim to revolutionize the genre. While it excels in delivering classic metal goodness, those seeking groundbreaking innovation may find themselves yearning for more. This album is a celebration of everything that made old school metal great, rather than a bold exploration of new territories.

I can’t deny that there are certain influences that originate from outside the heavy metal genre, but they are very occasional and limited. Whether the band would expand these influences more or just briefly letting us enjoy them, only time will tell. But in both cases, we’ll be sure they reflect the intents of NATTHAMMER.

In conclusion, NATTHAMMER‘s The Hammer Of The Witch is a solid addition to the band’s discography and a must-listen for fans of traditional heavy metal. It’s a no-nonsense, riff-driven affair that pays homage to the genre’s roots, making it a worthy addition to any metalhead’s collection.

Benedetta Baldin