Total War

Those of you who either know me personally or have read some of my previous reviews will be more than aware that I just love something that’s either a little bit edgy, slightly quirky, or completely different to the normal fodder we are served up on a weekly basis.

I may love my traditional metal, but what really whets my appetite are bands who really makes me sit up and take notice. Well, I am more than happy to report to you that Total War by MY MERRY MACHINE ticks all three boxes for me and hence, in my humble opinion, totally kicks ass! My appetite is well and truly whetted!

Portrayed as a ‘New Star In The Metal Sky’ (which is a statement I certainly won’t be disagreeing with), MY MERRY MACHINE also have plenty of experience within the band to fall back upon whilst still being a total breath of fresh air to all those who dare listen!

So, if you like me are someone who likes to see the boundaries of metal music pushed back, then Total War should be a welcome addition to your playlist and MY MERRY MACHINE will make a very worthwhile inclusion to your following or watchlist.

Released as singles so far, songs Extreme, our dear old friend Hello Darkness and title track Total War (with Illuminati coming on June 14th) are more than worthy of checking out! Consider these as an initial dipping of your toes into the wonderful world of MY MERRY MACHINE with the first two being artistically beautiful on the eyes as well as ears due to the maybe slightly disturbing videos released to accompany them.

Delving further into Total War and the totally twisted metal minds of MY MERRY MACHINE there are some great hidden hard rocking vibes lurking with tracks like Dealing With Satan and Nevermore that should satisfy the purists out there.

Gothic and brutal songs like Fallen Demon or Illuminati add some even darker ingredients to the mix as they cut a swathe right through your brain with killer riffs and fabulous vocals working together in demonic harmony.

Then again, if you are a fan of the more modern metal genre then Rise Up, Temple Of Doom or title track Total War should more than satisfy your whims and demonstrate to you that MY MERRY MACHINE have several strings to their bow. Although I suspect they have several more yet to be revealed.

Total War slots in very comfortably, or maybe in this case slightly uncomfortably, into my top 5 albums so far this year that have made me really take heed and the hairs on the back of my neck stand right up. MY MERRY MACHINE offer plenty of insight to their graphic world with Total War and I really hope this is only the beginning, as I for one already want to hear more. Total War is most definitely a big “YES” from me and I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending that without further ado you check out MY MERRY MACHINE at your earliest opportunity.

Mark Waight