Remember To Die

Fast rising multi-national band MAESÜN are indeed new kids on the block when it comes to delivering their own unique twist on symphonic power metal. The band who only formed last year by recruiting members from Romania, UK and Germany individually already have plenty of years’ experience between them. The band incredibly have plenty to say in their debut release Remember To Die with a razor sharp collection of skilfully crafted tracks that are going to draw them lots of attention from right across the metal world.

Remember To Die is one of those releases where every single track takes you in a totally different direction. Some people may find that a bit of a distraction or a problem, but personally I find it very exciting because you just don’t know what is coming next and I do love a surprise. It’s a very sweet mixed bag that makes MAESÜN so much more than the plain and simple symphonic power metal band they are packaged as, so take it for a spin and enjoy the ride because there is something here for everyone.

All that said Waves is a straight up symphonic power metal song through and through, but I do particularly like the artistic pauses during the song which really do create the impression of waves passing over you with the music ebbing and flowing like the tide.

Fans of traditional heavy metal will particularly like Book Of The Dead with its dark gothic undertones and throbbing riff whereas fans of folk metal are sure to enjoy Life In Chains with its faster pace and subtle use of traditional wind instruments. The very adaptable voice of Andrada Hofmeister makes so many different options viable for MAESÜN that it’s difficult to say which suits her best as she does them all so well. This all bodes well for the future.

The Weaver and Remember To Die lean much more towards the purely symphonic genre but both are also completely different. The former being a beautiful and dreamy ballad with epic vocals and floating harmonies whilst the title track uses deeper pitch vocals and changes of pace to carve out a solid performance to appease those ever-fickle fans.

My favorite track on Remember To Die has got to be Fix My Heart which has shedloads of attitude flowing through it from start to finish by means of a full-on hard hitting new wave/punk style riff which had me baying for more, more, more!! Remember To Die really doesn’t give you the chance to ever get bored or stuck in a rut because it flows smoothly throughout with something a little different always waiting around the corner to reignite your interest again.

Remember To Die is a great opening gambit for MAESÜN that provides them with plenty of scope to go in several different directions with the next one. On the other hand, they may just provide us with another lucky dip of different styles all under one banner again. Either way Remember To Die is a satisfying way to spend a bit of time and I have no hesitation in recommending it!

Mark Waight