LODESTAR return with their third album – Polaris” – to be released on 09.07.24 by Sliptrick Records. The album was originally released independently by the band in 2023, but now they have a label to get them more exposure and in front of more eyes, but also more importantly, inside people’s ears.

The band is actually a duo, that being Kate Glock on vocals/synthesizer and Jensen Rodolfo who handles the guitar, bass and drums duties. This album is the follow up to their well-received second album Event Horizon. The music combines genres of doom metal, gothic metal and hard rock with a style of slow, heavy and melodic strains.

The opening track Shooting Star is now officially available on the game Rocksmith, so if gaming is your jam and metal your style you can enjoy this song. The band are looking at getting more songs into the gaming sphere which will open up the portals to discovery by a new audience.

I would say that the music is more a contemporary take on the doom/gothic front and not so much steeped in the ways of the traditional and classic eras of the genres.

Kate’s vocals are excellent and well suited to the music and are mixed very well, so the lyrics are clearly understood and not buried or overtaken by the sounds. She also handles the synthesizers well and places them exactly where they need to be. Jensen as the multi-instrumentalist shines while controlling the tempo of each track, highlighting his diverse proficiency showing restraint at times, but also adding power, depth and atmosphere.

The songs themselves are brooding, heart searching, contemplative and pensive. They highlight someone who is spending considerable time examining their own thoughts and feelings. The music is mid-tempo paced, so no hot ‘n’ heavy fast speeded, but the listener will still be nodding along with the tunes.

Some of my favourites from the 10 tracks here are In Your Shadow, War Of The Mind and Light Of My Life.

The meaning of the word LODESTAR is a star to guide a ship or a person or thing serving as an inspiration or guide. I think this meaning is very apt for the band, and I believe we are in good hands with these two musicians as leading lights in this modern take of the genres they pursue.

I have really enjoyed discovering this band and this album and I happily recommend this album and for listeners to seek out the back catalogue as well.

Peter Sym