Modern metal maestro’s INFECTED RAIN have come a long way in the five years since I saw them live at Bristol in 2019, when they were supporting Eluveitie and Lacuna Coil. Leading the line on their meteoric rise to the top is their very charismatic frontwoman Lena Scissorhands, who is always so much in demand to work on other projects that she is now easily one of the most instantly recognizable artists on the metal scene today. Her vocal range, which can transform from angelic to demonic at the drop of a hat, gives INFECTED RAIN the razor-sharp cutting edge needed to stand out in this very demanding and busy genre.

INFECTED RAIN are right up there at the pinnacle of all that is good in the current metal world and by constantly improving their game they are also keeping their nearest rivals well and truly on their toes. This strong competition has in turn lead to enhanced creativity, more quality releases and Time is certainly no exception to that trend! Long may this renaissance in metal last!

We kick off with Because I Let You, a fierce beginning with a superb ear damaging riff to accompany ms. Scissorhands‘ trademark vocals that drift seamlessly between harsh and gentle. Dying Light is next up and with a fearsome roar we are taken up a notch or two with a masterclass in modern metal, sweet!

Never To Return is something I hoped we would never hear in relation to INFECTED RAIN as this band are absolutely on fire at this present time and thankfully in this case it’s only the song title. This slightly slower song will rock you to your very core! Lighthouse fuses more the modern industrial sounds of the genre with traditional metal as it guides us on an exciting and enjoyable journey through the cosmos.

In this world of human despair and destruction apparently The Answer Is You and who am I to argue! This song just hits so hard in all the right places!! We all live in a Vivarium these days with the world looking in on us and observing our every move. This cool electro-metal fusion perfectly describes the prison we have built for ourselves in this modern world. Pandemonium continues in the same vein with a heavy riffing mix of industrial metal and a hint of eastern influence. Nice!

Bang on point Enmity is another wonderful example of that modern metal sound which ticks every box and then some. Unpredictable gives Lena Scissorhands the chance to stretch her vocal muscles with a truly brutal show of strength. Prepare to be blown away! Game Of Blame is about as fluffy as INFECTED RAIN ever gets with something that begins and finishes at a soft and gentle pace with only the occasional glimpse of something a little fiercer. Penultimate track Paura is a slow burning track where the intensity gradually ratchets up without ever getting too carried away.

Then the curtain slowly comes down and brings our Time to a close with A Second Or A Thousand Years, an instrumental track that chills you right out and brings you back from the edge.

Time is a fantastic album that really shows the strength in depth that INFECTED RAIN have in their music writing ability and end delivery as you are taken on a wild and full-on metal adventure before being delivered safely and gently back to the real world. This album is one that I have had on preorder since its release was announced, so I have no problem in recommending it to everyone. It is indeed an all-killer-and-no-filler, so check it out at your first opportunity!

Mark Waight