Italian symphonic/power metal band HYPERSONIC return with their third album Kaosmogonia to be released on 12.04.2024 by Rockshots Records. This album introduces the listeners and fans to their new singer and songwriter Eleonora Russo. The band is completed by Emanuele Gangemi – guitar, Francesco Caruso – bass, Dario Caruso – keyboards and Salvo Grasso – drums and vocals.

The band are assisted on the album by some notable guests: Mark Jansen (Epica), Francesco Paoli & Francesco Ferrini (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Emma Zoldan & Nils Courbaron (Sirenia)  and The Male Choir from Teatro Massimo Bellini. The Artwork  was done by the very accomplished Heilemania. The album is preceded by the excellent single Mother Earth of which there is also a beautiful orchestral version at the end of the album. So far for the facts, and now the music.

The music is at the heavy end of the symphonic and power metal spectrum, but the band also employs and includes extreme elements and death like vibes, as well as heavy orchestration and a wonderful use of the Male Choir. The musicianship is top notch, with accomplished guitar playing, proficient keyboards and a thundering rhythm section with skilful bass and drums. And, of course, the wonderful singing talent Eleonora Russo, who is an incredible addition to the band with the added bonus of her songwriting prowess. Song topics cover subjects such as human frailty, fear, revenge, safeguards and a message of hope for the future. What I really enjoy about the album is, the vocals are upfront in the mix and are easily understood and not lost when there is so much going on in each song. That has been one of my beefs with some symphonic bands drowning out the vocals.

Ápeiron begins the album, showcasing the combination of the orchestration and the stunning sounds of the choir. We are then down to business with Angels And Demons, a well-paced track that is fast and heavy with dual male and female vocals. Next up is Veil Of Insanity, which will be the next single out on April 12th, with Indian/Arabian influences within the track interspersed with death growls and a high presence of the choir. The pace varies throughout. The drums are quite prominent. Mother Earth is the lead single that follows regaling the listener with a tale of the recurrent cycle of history and of nature’s revenge. A touching chorus acting as a plea to mankind.

You Bastard is an example of the light and shade on the album, giving the listeners spoken word, growls, dual vocals and some of the album’s heaviest moments with powerful rapid-fire drums. My Sacrifice begins with quiet male vocals before taking off at light speed with brutal death like male vocals duelling with the beautiful female vocals. Alone is the ballad highlighting the incredible vocals of Eleonora. Path Of Salvation begins with the drums being punished at incredible speed, which becomes the driving force of the song challenging the other instruments to keep up.

Against Myself is a well-paced track with a lovely mid song duet, great keyboards and guitar and wonderful backing from the choir. Revelation doesn’t stray too far from the path and sticks to the formula of some of the other songs. Burning Inside export at 7 minutes plus and is grand in scale incorporating all the elements of the band and the supporting cast in extraordinary fashion. A true epic. Anima, a piano interlude, and the orchestral version of Mother Earth complete the album.

The band have with a Herculean effort produced the best and strongest album of their career. It is an ambitious, heroic and extraordinary undertaking that should be heard, not just within a specific genre, but on a vast scale.

Peter Sym