FOLTERKAMMER are such an exciting band to listen to, because in my opinion they are right at the razor-sharp cutting edge of all that is currently great in the metal world. There are plenty of bands out there who produce albums by the numbers, tick all the relevant boxes to produce top notch albums. But if you want something that has a real edge to it, is completely different to the standard run of the mill fodder and will intrigue as well as inspire you, then Weibermacht should be on top of your list.

FOLTERKAMMER are truly pushing the musical boundaries with Weibermacht by way of their intoxicating heady cocktail of black metal, death metal and symphonic metal perfectly blended with authentic and timeless classical music. This wonderful melting pot of Mozart versus Metal is simply one of the best things that I have heard in ages, I’m sure it will get your juices flowing and arouse your adventurous listening curiosity too!

You do not have to speak German to fully enjoy the thrilling ride of Weibermacht, where the operatic vocals really are genuinely operatic, and to fully appreciate how they work so well in unison with the brutal death growls in a match made in heaven (or possibly hell)! These polar styles completely complement each other and raise the question: why has no one done this before and if they have, why have I never been told about it?

From the moment I heard the first few bars of the opening track my jaw was firmly on the floor, and it didn’t move for the duration of the whole album. I could think of nothing else other than the beautifully unique sound that was weaving its way into my ears via those gloriously deep soundwaves. If any of the great classical composers of the past were still alive today, they would without doubt be queuing up to join FOLTERKAMMER and get in on this absolute metal phenomenon.

For black and death metal purists there are tracks like “Algolagnia”, which is both demonically haunting and terrifying in equal measure as it burns a furrow straight to your brain. Or maybe Das Peitschengedicht with its tale of torture and blasphemy that will send an icy chill down your spine.

For everyone else, just sit back and enjoy the open naughtiness and indulgent splendor of Anno Domina, Leck Mich! et al with all the elegance of a 18th century theatrical masked ball fused with the awful splendor of human depravity in a beautifully dark extravaganza of epic proportions. There is absolutely nothing not to like on this album, as every track stands up to scrutiny and it delivers complete satisfaction and gratification for your pleasure.

Die Unterwerfung makes use of eerie choral vocals whilst Küss Mir Die Füsse! and Herrin Der Schwerter lean much more heavily on the superb octave flexing bitch power vocals of leading lady Andromeda Anarchia to deliver both beautiful pain and joy to your ears.

Finish that off with a great cover version of the old classic Venus In Furs (The Velvet Underground) and you know you have witnessed something truly special unfold before you and FOLTERKAMMER will soon be a name on everyone’s lips. For me Weibermacht will be one of the albums of the year and has already taken its rightful place near the top of my personal list. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this release to you all!

Mark Waight