Sea Of Tears

EYNOMIA return with the follow-up to their 2018’s Break Free presenting a new album Sea Of Tears to be released on June 14th, 2024 via Mirror Image Music Group.

The band hails from the United States and play melodic heavy metal, but for this release they have added some prog and symphonic metal ingredients as well.

The album is preceded by the singles Jekyll And Hyde, Mask Of Vengeance, Reborn and The One to be the final single released before the album drops.

To The End is the opening song and begins with a lengthy starting piece and at approx. 8 minutes is a mini epic.

The band have tackled some important issues in song with Jekyll And Hydespeaking to the listener about the evils of alcoholism and the effects on the individual and those around them. The One addresses a very serious subject prevalent in today’s society which is bullying and how those who are different from the norm are targeted online, in schools, workplaces and on the street.

I don’t believe there is a bad song on the album over the 10 tracks. However, I’ll just highlight one more which is the closing track Raise Your Voice and a great way to finish with such a catchy sing-a-long chorus.

All members are highly credentialled in their respective fields and recorded their parts remotely. It was all brought together in the studio by guitarist Chris Bickley and what a superb job he has done! The band are a cohesive unit producing the highest standard of compositions and music on this superb release.

I love the album and it will be on constant rotation and is a highlight of the first half of the year for me. Once it is released and more and more listeners get to hear it, I’m sure the feelings will be mutual with mine. It is heavy, melodic, progressive with light and shade. Played and sung with precision. Something for all fans of this genre with a little extra to attract new admirers.

Kudos to the band members: Phyllis Rutter (superb vocals), Chris Bickley (vigorous and creative guitars), Mike LePond (deeply experienced bass), Jimmy Pitts (meticulous keyboards) and Gaetano Nicolosi (formidable drums).

Highly Recommended!!

Peter Sym