Formed in 2015, DIALITH who hail from Danbury in Connecticut, USA, have often been compared to the likes of symphonic metal maestros Epica, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish et al, which is very high praise indeed.

Whilst they are indeed in the same field as such highly esteemed company, DIALITH do also manage to bring a few modern twists of their own to the party with the release of their new EP Alter.

The EP, which consists of four tracks (three full songs and an intro), is an enjoyable listen with a cocktail of many different musical influences that will keep you interested and engaged throughout.

The superb Iron Bound is a more traditional symphonic metal tune with the added inclusion of an 80s style of guitar playing that makes it rise-up and stand out from the crowd. This shows that DIALITH have an uncanny knack of combining the old and the new to great effect for your listening pleasure.

Hourglass (Shadowdancer Pt.1) and Shadowdancer really do conjure up images of campfires, tents, silk and lace clad belly dancers on hot desert nights with a whole host of Middle Eastern influences, chanted vocals and traditional instruments fused with that pure metal sound. This is surely bang on-point with much that is happening within the symphonic genre at this current moment in time and very much in keeping with what their contemporaries are producing.

There are several elements of folk influence within the song Writhing Red which combines a catchy singalong chorus with the beautiful vocals of Krista Sion and shows yet another string to DIALITH’s bow. It’s slightly unconventional but for me that’s a big plus, as personally I love to see the rule book torn up and boundaries pushed back.

All in all, Alter serves to demonstrate three totally different threads to DIALITH’s skill set and although it all falls under the symphonic metal banner this band is so much more than that. If you are a fan of the masters of symphonic metal, then Alter is right up your street and DIALITH are certainly a band worth checking out.

Mark Waight