It is quite fascinating how much first impressions can turn into lifetime companions. That is exactly what happened to me the first time I listened to what I consider the most expressive voice of the 21st century, Miss Anette Olzon. Like most of you perhaps, I discovered her through Nightwish, and her vocal ability as well as her passion have struck me in awe like no one else in the world.

This is why I was so enthusiastic when she decided to continue making music (with her solo career, The Dark Element, Allen/Olzon and Ultima Grace). A talent like hers is not to be overlooked and not to be underestimated. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Rapture.

This is by far the heaviest and the most powerful release by Olzon, and that is a big slap in the face to those who didn’t even consider her to be “metal enough” when she joined Nightwish. They’ll quickly change their mind after listening to this album!

Her bright and fresh voice, paired with her husband’s deep and resounding growls, create a wonderful contrast that will appeal even to the listeners of heavier metal subgenres. From the singles already released to Head Up High or Take A Stand, this album shows how much Anette is capable of and she’s not afraid to use her full potential for her art. Rapture is a significant step forward from her previous record Strong(2021). It’s refreshing to see ambition and improvement in her work!

The only downside I’m afraid to acknowledge is a notable uniformity that pervades the tracks. Though not inherently flawed, I am strongly convinced that Anette possesses the capacity to weave a tapestry of even more splendid and diverse melodies. While consistency and uniformity hold significance, they need not overshadow other virtues.

It’s worth noting that the guitar, bass and keyboard work by Magnus Karlsson is done flawlessly, as well as Anders Köllerfors on drums, which provides power and rhythm to each track without disrupting the balance with Olzon’s vocals.

If you know me and you’ve read at least one of my reviews here on the website, you’ll know that my heart desires at least one ballad or a slower song in each album I listen to. Anette didn’t disappoint and her spectacular voice shines in Hear My Song, which is the cherry on top of Rapture.

Leo Buscaglia (American author and professor, 1934-1998) once said: “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” Anette used her talent quite wisely: we couldn’t have wished for a better gift than her music, which is now stronger and even better than ever.

In conclusion: if you love metal in any form, you cannot miss Rapture by Anette Olzon, because it will surprise you, it will make you think, and it will be an amazing addition to your music collection. Because when talent is shown, we will always be here welcoming it.

Benedetta Baldin