NATTHAMMER album border

NATTHAMMER – “The Hammer Of The Witch” by Benedetta Baldin (April)

BEYOND THE PALE – “Monument In Time” (EP) by Matthew McCune (April)

ORKHYS album border

ORKHYS – “Legends” by Angela Ambrose (April)

SREFA album border

SREFA – “Solstice” by Angela Ambrose (April)

DOLMEN GATE album border

DOLMEN GATE – “Gateways Of Eternity” by Peter Sym (April)

BRONZE – “In Chains And Shadows” by Paul Hutchings

BALANCE OF POWER – “Fresh From The Abyss” by Mark Waight

NOCTURNA – “Of Sorcery And Darkness” by Benedetta Baldin

FOLTERKAMMER – “Weibermacht” by Mark Waight

HYPERSONIC – “Kaosmogonia” by Peter Sym

HEAVY TEMPLE – “Garden Of Heathens” by Paul Hutchings

EVOLUCIJA – “The World Is Full Of Wrath” by Mark Waight

ISCHEMIC – “Condemned To The Breaking Wheel” by Paul Hutchings

DIALITH – “Alter” (EP) by Mark Waight

ANA – “The Art Of Letting Go” (EP) by Angela Ambrose

FATAL FIRE – “Arson” by Paul Hutchings

DAEVAR – “Amber Eyes” by Benedetta Baldin

UNSHINE – “Karn Of Burnings” by Benedetta Baldin

LEAVES’ EYES – “Myths Of Fate” by Mark Waight

LUTHARO – “Chasing Euphoria” by Paul Hutchings

SHADOWPATH – “The Aeon Discordance” by Peter Sym

ALTERIUM – “Of War And Flames” by Samantha Shears

SULDUSK – “Anthesis” by Matthew McCune

MAESÜN – “Remember To Die” (EP) by Mark Waight

AMARANTHE – “The Catalyst” by Samantha Shears

CATHUBODUA – “Interbellum” by Benedetta Baldin

STYGIAN CROWN – “Funeral For A King” by Peter Sym

ANDRY – “Skies” by Benedetta Baldin

PONTE DEL DIAVOLO – “Fire Blades From The Tomb” by Paul Hutchings

INFECTED RAIN – “Time” by Mark Waight

KINGS WINTER – “The Other Side Of Fear” by Benedetta Baldin

PANDORA’S KEY – “Yet I Remain” by Samantha Shears

NEMESIS – “Embrace Reality” by Matthew McCune

HIRAES – “Dormant” by Paul Hutchings

MADDER MORTEM – “Old Eyes, New Heart” by Peter Sym

LUCIFER – “Lucifer V” by Paul Hutchings

JENNER – “Prove Them Wrong” by Paul Hutchings

METALITE – “Expedition One” by Benedetta Baldin

DARK OATH – “Ages Of Man” by Peter Sym

EXIT EDEN – “Femmes Fatales” by Henk van Nieuwenhoven

PANZERCHRIST – “All Witches Shall Burn” (EP) by Paul Hutchings