LABEL: WormHoleDeath Records
RELEASE: March 17th, 2023
AUTHOR: Paul Hutchings

TEMTRIS albumrand01. The Grand Design
02. Khaos Divine
03. Eternal Death Machine
04. Dreams Or Reality
05. The Lies Become The Truth
06. The Path
07. Revenge
08. Evolution Of Hate
09. Ground Zero

It’s not every day that our friends in Australia provide us with some stirring metal to enjoy. TEMTRIS have obliged, with their latest album an uplifting if at times jarring experience. These guys are no novices, having formed two decades ago out of the ashes of Labyrinth. TEMTRIS play a hybrid cross of heavy metal and power metal, full of energy and vigour and overall bring a solid seventh album for listening enjoyment.

The dominant factor is undoubtedly the vocal power of singer Genevieve Rodda, whose voracious lung power is instantly impressive. The nine songs housed within Khaos Divine are all thumping metal tracks, well delivered and containing some exceptional lead guitar work thanks to Anthony Fox and Nadi Norouzian.

The album opens strongly with The Grand Design that quickly segues into the title track. It’s fast, furious and as metal as you can get. The ride is wild, the band work tightly with each other, although Rodda’s power is at times a little overwhelming. Occasionally more is less. The clunky ending doesn’t do much either, evidence that even after seven records there are still edges that can be smoothed.

The album continues in the same vein with consistent songs like Eternal Death Machine, although the layered backing vocals on The Lies Become The Truth distract rather than enhance. But minor quibbles aside, Khaos Divine has a lot to commend it. The songs are strongly constructed, the heaviness retained throughout but with the addition of ample melody, giving it a neat blend that should appeal to many metal fans.

TEMTRIS change tack on The Path, a seven-minute track that allows Rodda to showcase her style. It’s a slowed down, semi-ballad which builds into a smouldering song which provides a slight breather after all the riotous songs. It’s one of the weaker songs on the album, despite Rodda’s performance. I found it a little weak in comparison to some of the more aggressive songs and it is a little pedestrian in many ways. Not one to linger over for too long.

TEMTRIS Genevieve

TEMTRIS bring the crunching volume back with Revenge, which sees the dual guitars working well, a chunky riff pushing the song forward. Inevitably, final song Ground Zero begins gently, keyboards that have rarely been heard suddenly taking the lead. It’s almost inevitable that this won’t remain like it and it explodes into a thrashing beast which brings the album to a frantic end.

If I was scoring this release, it would receive about seven out of ten. There’s plenty to get stuck into and a couple of the songs stand up high. But there’s a few tracks that struggle to lift above the routine which is disappointing. It’s certainly an album worth a listen in order to make your own mind up.

WEBSITE: https://www.temtris.com