LABEL: El Puerto Records
RELEASE: May 12th, 2023
AUTHOR: Paul Hutchings

MISSION IN BLACK albumrand01. Profit Reigns Supreme
What Does It Take To Be Alive
Patron Of The Downfall
Dead Alive
The Darkness Within
Silence Of A Distant Sky
This Curse
Kill Your Idols
A Glimmer Of Hope

I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect with this album. Melodic thrash is usually in my ballpark for likes, but it’s always a punt when you don’t know the band. MISSION IN BLACK have been around for 13 years, but only released their first album Anthems Of A Dying Breed in 2018. Vocalist Becky Gaber departed shortly afterwards, with Steffi Stuber replacing her.

It’s obvious that the blueprint for the band’s style follows the likes of Arch Enemy, Holy Moses and many more of the now rampant growling female vocals that were once as rare as hen’s teeth, but now appear in many bands. Thankfully, Stuber has a decent set of pipes and her mix of soaring cleans bring some parity to the more aggressive and generic roars. It’s the harmonies and melodies that catch the ear more than the snarling wild cat delivery.

Behind Stuber is a very solid metal band. There are riffs, double kicking drums and a thick, crunching sound that works in just about every way. This is combined with a melody that eases the heaviness along but allows the songs to linger, to loiter in the memory for ages. Just one example is the driving chorus on Dead Alive, which is a real earworm and a superb track with Stuber bringing the song to life with a fabulous performance.MISSION IN BLACK bandpicMISSION IN BLACK can bring the hammer down though. The title track carves open fresh wounds, slashing and tearing but with an almost symphonic metal element that makes it a little different. The Darkness Within has a hammer drill impact, a relentless battery but tempered once more by the melodic parts that bring balance, a light to the darkness and turns the song into one that is memorable for all the right reasons.

The songs aren’t overlong, paced at the right tempo to be both instantly interesting and memorable enough to want to play it again. At times the band stray into melodic death metal, which isn’t a problem as they temper the harshness with those harmonious cleans. Listen to the explosive pace of Dreamcatcher and you’ll find a Trivium Shogun era sound.

Musically the band are on point. The guitar work of new man Eddie Stübner and Daniel Tschoepe is razor sharp, whilst the engine room run by founder member Andy ‘Black’ Flache and bassist Simon Schorp is as solid as anything you can find. Profit Reigns Supreme is a worthy second album. MISSION IN BLACK have made a statement. Described as “a musical bastard from In Flames & Kreator with female vox & growls”, it’s hard to find a better description. The mission continues and is in rude health.

WEBSITE: https://missioninblack.com