LABEL: Independent
RELEASE: October 31st, 2023
AUTHOR: Paul Hutchings

MASTER DY EPrand01. #Satanicpowermetal
02. Modern Apocalypse
03. Trained To Die
04. Ghost

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I offered to review this EP. Now, if you want to know more about the band, then main man Henk recently interviewed the band which you can read here. I really don’t need to provide a full history of MASTER DY, except to tell you that they are from Porto in Portugal, formed in 2019, and have two full-length albums to their name, the most recent Legacy Of Satan released in 2022.

With a downsize in the band from seven to four members in recent times, partly due to the geographical spread across three countries, the latest incarnation of the band features Dy Moob on vocals, Draco on lead guitar and backing vocals, Cepheus on rhythm guitar and keyboards and drummer Hydra. The band’s promotional photos present a right motley collection and it’s no wonder that you discover that they class their sound as Satanic Power Metal.

The four tracks on Ghost provide an interesting introduction to the band. There’s plenty of melody that runs throughout the songs, but with a powerful, driving rhythm section it gives them a vibrancy that allows each song to shine. Opener #SatanticPowerMetal thunders along, with Moob’s low vocals bringing a darkness to the whole song, something I’m sure that was part of the whole creative process. With the band shifting their presence on social media platforms, the use of the hashtag in the title is deliberate, whilst the song, which is delivered from start to finish with Hydra’s blasting drumming, describes the band’s approach to their subject matter which doesn’t rely on screaming vocals.

MASTER DY DyMoobThey use ample melody with keyboards prominent on Modern Apocalypse, a song that is very much European in its style. Opening with a guitar riff that leads into the track, it’s almost anthemic, although the lyrical focus on the change of disconnection from real life and a desire to live life through digital means. The guitar work is the perfect foil to Moob’s measured vocal delivery in a song that carries a real message about the way the world is changing.

Trained To Die is a timely, if sombre track which looks at the role of the soldier, following orders in conflicts they may not understand. A lighter, almost pop song in parts, it breaks into an Eastern vibe halfway through providing a darker edge. A well-constructed track, it blends the band’s clever use of instrumentation whilst allowing the vocals to take the lead which they do well.

This leads into the title track which closes the EP. Ghost begins with an industrial stomp. An introspective sharing of Moob’s personal feelings, there’s a collaboration with Rafael Dinnamarque from Brazilian outfit Dinnamarque. I understand that he also added the bass and contributed to the guitar work on this track. Another fine solo marks the closure of an EP that carries four varied and different songs.

It’s difficult to pin down one style within MASTER DY, which I guess is part of their approach and style. Entertaining from start to finish, this is an EP that is definitely worth checking out.MASTER DY bandpic