LABEL: Season Of Mist
RELEASE: November 24th, 2023
AUTHOR: Benedetta Baldin

HELGA albumrand01. Skogen Mumlar
02. Burden
03. Water
04. If Death Comes Now
05. Farväl
06. Alive Again
07. Vast And Wild
08. Som En Trumma
09. Mountain Song
10. Wrapped In Mist

It is from the most distant lands that talent grows and flourishes. This is definitely the case for HELGA, a Swedish artist that is about to release her debut album via the prestigious label Season Of Mist. And whoever is in charge of scouting the talent for this label has seen in the long distance that this wonderful singer has a lot to offer.

HELGA‘s debut album Wrapped In Mist is a musical journey like no other. The record compasses many subgenres: from the atmospheric sounds (like the ones in Water or Vast And Wild), to the almost black metal ones (of Farväl and partially in Som En Trumma), without forgetting a subtle touch of progressive (especially in Alive Again) and some folk elements (Wrapped In Mist).

I didn’t feel like a single person listening to an album. I felt part of something much bigger than me, like a union of feelings that are shared by all the human beings. This is a testament to the group’s artistic ability to immerse listeners in a world of deep, primal emotions. The album’s unique blend of atmospherics and metal elements creates a captivating musical escapade that draws you in from the very first note.

HELGA band5One of the standout features of Wrapped In Mist is its profound and relatable themes. Helga delves into the core of human experiences, touching on emotions and experiences that resonate with everyone. The lyrics are raw, powerful and thought-provoking, making it easy for the listener to connect with the songs on a personal level. Whether it’s the exploration of life, loss or the human condition, Helga‘s lyrical depth is nothing short of remarkable.

From the heartbreaking lyrics of If Death Comes Now, or the soothing tones of Som En Trumma, you will never feel impassive to what this outstanding artist has prepared. You will feel lost yet understood, at home and yet never further away from it, cared for yet desolated.

Production-wise, Wrapped In Mist is an exemplar of excellence. The album boasts impeccable mixing and mastering quality, adding value to the already fabulous listening experience. The rich, layered soundscapes take you on a mesmerizing journey, and the attention to detail in the instrumentation and arrangements is commendable.

I can’t leave out, though, one of the most intriguing aspects of the album: the seamless blending of English and Swedish. This bilingual approach enhances the depth to the songs, allowing the listener to feel the emotions and themes from different angles. It’s as if the band is inviting us into their world, sharing their stories and perspectives in a way that transcends language barriers.

Wrapped In Mist is a testament to HELGA‘s ability to craft music that transcends any kind of boundary. It’s a mesmerizing fusion of atmospheric and metal elements, creating an otherworldly yet relatable sonic experience. The deep and primitive themes explored in the album, combined with its impeccable production and bilingual lyricism, make it an album that deserves a special place in your music collection.

In conclusion, Wrapped In Mist is an odyssey that will leave you spellbound. HELGA‘s ability to mold atmospheric and metal elements while delving into profound themes sets this album apart from the rest. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates music that goes beyond the surface and touches the core of human emotions.

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