LABEL: Independent
RELEASE: February 23rd, 2023
AUTHOR: Matthew McCune

CROWN OF MADNESS EP01. Immortal Eyes
02. A Wrenching Nostalgia
03. Roots, Limbs And Sky
 Vile Sun

Has the New Year got you down? Do you struggle to find the energy and to do the simplest tasks? Do you need a bite-sized kick in the ass to get your February back on track? Well, my brutality deprived friend, I have the cure for you! On Thursday, February 23rd, the devilishly dissonant death metal duo CROWN OF MADNESS will be releasing their second EP entitled Elemental Binding, complete with all the carnivorous Canadian bloodthirstiness that was present on their debut The Void.

This EP immediately kicks into full gear as Immortal Eyes(featuring Matthew Pancoust of fellow Canadian shredders Truent) grooves and blasts grab the listener by the hair and force an explosive reaction. The intricacies of drummer Connor Gordon’s drums pair like a fine blood wine with the dissonance of the guitars and vocals of Sunshine Schneider, like a puzzle crafted from the finest decaying flesh.

Unwilling to be overshadowed, the sophomore track A Wrenching Nostalgia provides us with the familiar dissonance of the preceding track, this time with a more melancholic guitar line that offers the rare pairing of brash vocal intonation with introspective atmosphere. A warning to any fellow drummers, be prepared to feel endlessly envious of the consistency of Gordon’s double kick patterns. It’s a calf workout to simply just listen!CROWN OF MADNESS bandpicAs we approach Roots, Limbs And Sky, you may need a break for water, a privilege that is not granted by the duo. Constantly keeping up the pace, this track expands the vocal intonation from the growl and invites screeching to the party. Dissonant pinch harmonics provide the peaks to the valley of groove that is laid out by Schneider as we approach the finish line.

Vile Sun, the standout track of the EP, ends the all-too-short adventure with a punch to the gut. Delightfully playing with tempo and mood, we’re left craving more to this treat of an extended play.

So, if you’re needing something more than a second cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the day (or night!) check out Elemental Binding. This humble reviewer can’t wait to see what comes next.