LABEL: Independent
RELEASE: August 4th, 2023
AUTHOR: Paul Hutchings

CHUPACABRA EPrand01. Burn The Clowns
02. F.T.T.D.
03. Fortified With Ashes

There’s something just a little bit nasty smouldering in the West of the UK. Travel to Bristol, home of UK thrash legends Onslaught, and you’ll find a new era of aural abuse emerging. Say hello to CHUPACABRA, a three-piece who are guaranteed to rip your face off. Named after the Latin American blood sucking, hairless creatures that attacks livestock in folklore, the trio of Heather Taylor (vocals), Alex Brent (lead guitar) and Nige Savage (all other instruments) bring their new EP Fortified With Ashes to your attention. If you like savage thrashing metal, then this is a band to get on the radar.

All three members of the band are seasoned musicians with various other bands listed on their portfolio including Wytch and Cybervoid. Within CHUPACABRA though they have just one aim, which is to provide a full-frontal assault that will leave you reeling. In just over 13-minutes and three choice cuts, this EP demonstrates the power of the band, with Taylor’s aggressive rage-fuelled roars and Brent’s razor-sharp lead work drawing blood.

CHUPACABRA bandpicWith only three songs, there is no time to waste and CHUPACABRA don’t spare a second. Burn The Clowns is a riotous introduction. This is no-hold-barred thrash metal, with the 80s feel combining with a contemporary production to provide a tasty and solid EP. Sure, there’s several female vocalists who have a similar delivery, but Taylor’s snarling vitriol adds an edge that few can match. It’s 110mph, with Savage’s drumming intense and high-energy from start to finish.

There’s little to choose between the three songs featured here, but if I had to pick one it would be the title track that closes the EP. Even faster than the other two songs (middle track F.T.T.D is the other song), there is a nod to those veteran Germans Holy Moses amongst others here. Muscular, powerful and most bordering the melodic death metal sound of the likes of Arch Enemy to the fore. But ultimately, CHUPACABRA are thrash loving beasts and the driving riffs and song structures provide the basis for a very solid EP that is likely to bring the Brits much more attention in months to come.