LABEL: Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media
RELEASE: October 6th, 2023
AUTHOR: Matthew McCune

CAPRA albumrandred01. CHSF
Tied Up
Trauma Bond
Human Commodity
Obligatory Existence
Nora (Last Call)

It’s been said that October is the perfect month to let creative juices flow, to refresh and most importantly, to jump head first back into metallic hardcore to match the chill in the air. So, you could only imagine my excitement when I heard that one of my favorite bands of the past decade was dropping their sophomore release just days into the most metal month of the year.

CAPRA is a band that I discovered totally on accident and immediately fell in love with. Whether you are a fan of their debut In Transmission or just jumping in with this new album Errors, I hope you find the same aggressive joy that I have been experiencing with this certified banger.

The album begins with the same pissed-off, no nonsense, raw energy that we have come to know and crave from CAPRA. CHSF lyrically looks into themes of self-doubt, isolation and the cycle of societal abuse. The driving catchy riffs of guitarist Tyler Harper keep the track moving and the absolute perfect moshing tempo.CAPRA bandTied up brings out the hardcore side of CAPRA and places it high up for all to admire. The switch from break-neck speed to a slower and groovier tempo proudly displays how perfect the rhythm section is in sync with one another.

The next two tracks Silana and Trauma Bond keep the album moving along while the latter showcases vocalist Crow Lotus and how she perfects raw emotion in aggressive music. The way that we hear her voice break on the lyrics “… sometimes it’s okay to hate” adds extra distain to her screams and draws us in closer to the track’s meaning.

Loser gives us more of the hardcore groove that’s been consistent on the album. Powerful lines such as “Your regrets come back to haunt you as you’re running from the truth” are found all over this track to punch in the message even deeper. The next track Kingslayer gives us the earworm “STAND UP! PRESSURE!” which will have you chanting the rest of your day as you bathe in the glory of this hardcore brutality.

Standout track Human Commodity carries through to the tail end of the album. There is so much intensity and melodic sensibility on this track which perfectly contrasts with the ultra-realistic lyrics of Lotus and her vocal delivery.

Tracks such as the existential Transplant and the dissonant yet enjoyable Obligatory Existence deliver us to the final rush of adrenaline entitled Nora (Last Call). At just over three minutes in length, this instrumental roller coaster of a track offers a completely different course from CAPRA that plays us out into new journey from the much-anticipated third album, yet keeps us wanting more.

Errors does not disappoint in the slightest. If you are someone who loves metallic hardcore and wants to discover an amazing act where the moshing doesn’t stop, pick up this album and I promise you will not be disappointed.