Label: Art Gates Records

Author: Matthew McCune


01. First World Company
02. Dear Lion
03. Release The Shark
04. Deep Scar
05. Adrift
06. Graveyard Of The Beautiful Souls
07. Alice
08. Diciembre
09. New Chess King
10. Ó Mar

Whether you think metalcore is divisive or not, there is no shortage of great artists to give the genre the kick-in-the-ass renaissance it deserves. A new band adding its name to the mix of unique and dynamic compositions is Spain’s HER ANXIETY. Hailing from Vigo and formed in 2020, HER ANXIETY is releasing No Land In Sight through Art Gates Records on November 18th.

Starting the album with a statement, First World Company sends the audience into the fresh and chaotic world of HER ANXIETY. Opening with electronic influences that harkens back to classic video games, the band combines the melodic metalcore sounds with a socially conscious output. When vocalist Aida Chicle screams “Walk by my side or get out of my way”, the audience is treated to a call to arms and a fight against injustice.

The album continues with Dear Lion, giving us more of that delectable mash of electronic homages blended with the brutality and rhythmic precision typical of modern metalcore. Consistent melodic patterns offered by guitarist Jorge Fernández mesh perfectly with the progressive patterns of the rhythm section.

Release The Shark adds a cinematic quality to the equation. Opening with a beautifully composed ethereal structure, the song explodes into energetic and tasty metalcore riffs. The dichotomy of clean and unclean vocals sticks out beautifully on this track, as the band flips the conventions of “beauty and the beast” on its head, with guitarist and vocalist Rodrigo Blas taking the clean duties while Chicle continues the brutality of low gutturals.

Trekking on with Deep Scar, we get nasty (in a good way!) break downs, beautiful layering of clean and unclean vocals, and an interesting mallet section in the bridge of the song, as Adrift brings us back to that fast-paced classic metalcore sound that feels comforting yet somehow still fresh with the compositional elements of the melody standing out to the most dedicated metalcore fans.

Standout track Graveyard Of The Beautiful Souls provides us with consistent brutality through its entirety. Interesting galloping rhythms between the guitars and rhythm section keep the track moving at a quick pace while melodic passages demand our attention in the mix.

Both Aliceand Diciembre offer energetic and cathartic metalcore greatness, with the latter giving us the impression of traditional melodic death metal of the early 00s. As New Chess King appears on the album, we are on the home stretch. This penultimate track lets us indulge in the brutality of the vocal delivery, while admiring the beauty of the guitar leads and having a fun and breakdown full of anticipation and complexity of the unison rhythms employed by the band. The album closes with Ó Mar, a four-minute whirlwind of emotion packed into an easily digestible run time, as the album fades out with a haunting guitar melody and the sounds of waves in the background.HER ANXIETY bandHER ANXIETY gives us a promising look into their young career. With diversity in composition setting them apart from the endless sea of metalcore madness we seem to be knee deep in, this is a band to keep an eye on.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/heranxietyband