Label: Independent
Release: 22-04-2022
Author: Paul Hutchings

COMA HOLE album01. The Familiar
02. Old Climb
03. Wind And Bone
04. Sinkhole

The debut EP from American duo Eryka Fir and Steven Anderson who make up COMA HOLE is a journey through the darkness of human emotions. Bookending the release with two huge tracks that straddle a wide range of genres, COMA HOLE‘s delivery is crammed full of energy, huge fuzzed up riffs and powerful percussion. Fir’s thunderous abuse of her bass sees it played like a certain Mr Kilmister used to, whilst her deep, sonic vocals resonate through each of the four songs on this entertaining EP. Anderson’s drumming, as one might expect with a two-piece, are wild, unrestrained and at times ferocious.

The EP opens with a wall of white noise, which fades to allow Fir’s doom filled riffs and Anderson’s percussion to begin a semi-funeral march that builds with a slow burn before one of the thickest riffs of 2022 kicks in. This is “The Familiar”, an absolute monstrous song that cascades into an organic and triumphant 11 minutes of explosive stoner and doom drenched goodness. It’s hard to accept that this is a two-piece who are kicking out all the jams here but once you do accede, then the pulsing groove that ripples through the track becomes even more impressive. Try hard not to bang that head… you’ll fail miserably and wake up the next day unable to look left or right.

You want groove? You got it on “Old Climb”. It’s got enough energy to light a small town and another fuzzed up vibe that will have the feet not knowing which way to move. Infectious and with its own gravitational pull, this is a track that should be implanted in people to motivate them to move. It’s impossible to stay still as it descends into a cacophony of chaos. That feeling is balanced out by the massive, slab dragging “Wind And Bone”, which is no short beast at just shy of eight minutes in length, it’s much slower in pace, almost lumbering in the way an apatosaurus would manoeuvre through a Jurassic swamp, but it erupts into a magnificent central piece, with Fir’s vocals at times simply spellbinding.

COMA HOLE bandAnd then we arrive at the majestic conclusion with the gargantuan “Sinkhole”. It’s possibly the finest track on an EP of outstanding quality. COMA HOLE craft massive sonic landscapes, pulsating sonic spheres of contrasting styles, all brought to you by order of the fuzzed-up riff. And that’s what you get in an epic explosion of colour, vibrancy and simply breath-taking musicianship. Immerse your inner self into the 37 minutes on offer. Just ensure you have a qualified home help to get you out of the chair afterwards, for this is one aural assault that leaves you totally paralysed. The only cure is to hit play with that shaking hand, in the hope that repeated exposure to an EP of such magnitude ensures immunity and therefore some hope that you’ll be able to one day self-care again.  But it’s worth it, just to experience some of the filthiest riffs known to man. Take the trip. I dare you!