Label: Dark Essence Records

Author: Leanne Evans

SUPERLYNX - Reviews_albumImmensely talented Norwegian doom/psych trio SUPERLYNX has blessed the metal world with yet another superbly profound album to add to their collection of moody, woozy wonder and enchanting serenity. The band’s third album “Electric Temple”, the title an homage to Jimi Hendrix’ outlook on music being an ‘electric church… because it’s like a religion to us’, delivers a stupendous offering of sonic sanctuary, progressing and developing from previous releases, to penetrate your soul with previously unexplored moods and dimensions of SUPERLYNX. The band take their doom journey in “Electric Temple” to another level, pouring a beauteous bounty of carefully crafted compositions into ten sumptuous tracks, layered with sensual, yet spiritual, soporific qualities. The masterful album is mixed by multiple Grammy Award winning producer Marc Urselli, who has done sound for Nick Cave, Mike Patton, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, The Black Crowes and countless more. Each track is a work of art in its own right, crafted with breathtaking perfection and mastered by the talents of Fridtjof Lindeman at Strype Audio, to create an intensely prodigious sonic journey. 

“Electric Temple” delivers doomy spiritual transcendence through sultry fuzzed distortion and patters of sonic layering throughout. Intro “Rising Flame” offers a deeply ruminative, mysterious provocative sound, exploring metaphorical introspection of a rising flame or soul… or perhaps a literal fire. Who knows, SUPERLYNX excel at ambiguity and offerings of personal interpretation. It’s hard to resist drifting into your own trance with Pia‘s captivating chant-like vocals, merged with quietly soothing percussion and hypnotic guitar chords. Everything within this track is dialled down and sultry, with a gradual build-up of sound and rhythm, creating an hypnotic groove that merges seamlessly into title-track “Electric Temple”. SUPERLYNX truly know how to lure you in with their sonics and have a playful approach with track structure. “Electric Temple” muses with steady tempo, mellowed bass and guitar intertwining and soft drum interjections, creating, as Pia sings, a “sonic connection”. All this layering plays up to worshipping the metaphorical “Electric Temple”… and then, BAM, out of nowhere, the tempo ramps up, flays of riffing stir, whirrs of bass, hurried drumming, it’s pure magic.

SUPERLYNX - Reviews_band

SUPERLYNX amplify their thematic with finesse throughout the album and perfect structural simplicity, with virtuosity, in each composition. “Apocalypse” is dramatic and instrumentally intense, with overt tempo shifts throughout the track to mirror the impassioned lyrics and a thick wall of sound. The same can be said for “Moonbather”, where everything is hypnotically meditative through blues-sounding guitar chords, creating an alluring sexiness to the track, paving the way for an enticing interlude in the form of “Sonic Sacrament”, which penetrates you with dark trudges of sound. By this point, your entire being has been drenched with SUPERLYNX’s infectious moodiness; it really is exquisite.

Throughout the first section of the album, the balance of doom and psychedelia has been utter perfection, and SUPERLYNX continue to offer the same healthy dose of distorted dissonance and mind-melting meditations in the latter part of “Electric Temple”. The eclectic twists and turns don’t disappoint; “Returning Light” has an unnerving urgency in the intro, with an almost marching rhythm to the drumbeat, but the familiar fuzzed sound creeps in, like a thick fog, once again. “Laws Of Nature” pulls itself back to beauteous mellowness, with Pia’s gorgeously haunting quality to her vocals, sonic crescendos aplenty and distortion that layers beautifully. Those twists and turns I mentioned earlier? Well, “Then You Move” NAILS this completely with the superb keyboard line and male vocals… I mean, where did this come from?! Dialled down moodiness, this track is fabulous and moves into the now familiar male vocals in “Siren Song” and “May”, bringing a melancholic Nick Cave feel to it, especially with the dissonant keyboard in the aforementioned track. “May” offers an aptly sultry somniferous doom ending, to what has been a wonderfully intense aural exploration throughout “Electric Temple”, especially with the hypnotic huskiness of Pia’s celestial vocals. This fearless exploration of sound is what SUPERLYNX has come to represent, boldly exploring sonics and unapologetically so; “Electric Temple” is simply divine.

SUPERLYNX is truly one-of-a-kind; their music simultaneously enlightens the mind and masterfully celebrates the aesthetics of doom, holding their own with a quiet, but very certain, authenticity. Everything about “Electric Temple” is masterfully created, from the deeply, dark bass lines, to the strapping guitar sound and the truly stunning vocal delivery; it’s a sonic journey with sincerity like no other and a performance of considerable virtuosity.

Find your quiet space and drift into SUPERLYNX’s mesmeric mellifluous mellowness and enshroud yourself in a superlative masterpiece.