NERVOSA – Perpetual Chaos

Label: Napalm Records
Release: 22-01-2021

Author: Dimitris Kazantzis

NERVOSA - Reviews (1)Female thrash metal! I like this idea! Women are often more aggressive! The title of the album shows exactly what it includes. And this is nothing but a constant chaotic thrash metal from the three awesome and terrific Brazilian girls and the one Greek, Eleni Nota, behind the drum kit. ‘Perpetual Chaos‘ is NERVOSA‘s fourth full-length studio album in a row during the last seven years, which shows that the band is evolving rapidly.

At a time when the demands in music industry are very high, the band presents a set of thirteen songs full of intensity, good melodies, volume in their music and a furious playing by the four girls, as required in today’s thrash metal. The chaotic atmosphere that comes out is not at all chaotic. This is because ‘Perpetual Chaos‘ is a very well done album, not only synthetically, but also as a production which is signed by the extremely talented and of course versatile Martin Furia, who manages to give the record the necessary elements in order to sound full.

I consider the best moments of the album to be ‘Venomus‘, ‘Guided By Evil‘, ‘Kings Of Domination‘, ‘Time To Fight‘ as well as the excellent ‘Under Ruins‘ that closes the album, which in no case and at no point does lose its interest.

The only thing that may be missing is the personal element in NERVOSA‘s music, but this is an element that few have. However, I must admit that in ‘Rebel Soul‘ there is a rock and roll aesthetic very well embedded in the thrash orchestration. NERVOSA presents music that I think will be loved by the friends of thrash metal, both old school and most modern.

I also think that this band, with this music, has a lot to give to the live show section that we all hope to open as soon as possible.

NERVOSA have already released their first two videos to promote ‘Perpetual Chaos’, ‘Guided By Evil’ and the lyric video for the album’s title track, in which the energy of their music is displayed very clearly on the screen.

Perpetual Chaos‘ makes me pay more attention to NERVOSA and wait for their further development.

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