Label: Listenable Records

Author: Dimitris Kazantzis
MARTA GABRIEL - album01. Max Overload (Acid)
02. Metal Queen (Lee Aaron)
03. Call Of The Wild (Blacklace)
04. Light In The Dark (Chastain)
05. Rebel Ladies (Zed Yago)
06. My Angel (Rock Goddess)
07. Count Your Blessings (Malteze)
08. Goin’ Wild (Wendy O’ Williams)
09. Bad Attitude (Hellion)
10. Reencarnacion (Santa)
11. Mr. Gold (Warlock)



Marta Gabriel – Vocals/Bass
Eric Juris – Guitar
Cederick Forsberg – Drums

Todd Michael Hall (Riot V) – Vocals on track #03
Cederick Forsberg (Jag Panzer/Titan Force) – Vocals on track #04
John Gallagher (Raven) – Bass on track #06

The very interesting activities of the charismatic singer and guitarist Marta Gabriel doesn’t stop at CRYSTAL VIPER and their very good recent album The Cult. Marta Gabriel now presents a release exclusively with covers, clearly revealing her musical influences.

Metal Queens is a set of eleven covers with the main feature of the old school metal feeling, since almost all of these songs were released in the 80’s by bands, most of which were second-rate (maybe even lower), and some of those to me at least completely unknown, like Blacklace, Malteze and Santa. In this endeavor, Marta has some important guests with her. Todd Michael Hall, singer of Riot V, Jack Starr’s Burning Star, Avalon, etc., participates in Call Of The Wild by Blacklace ; in Light In The Dark by Chastain the singer of Jag Panzer, Harry Conklin, also gives his mark and John Gallagher, Raven‘s bassist, participates in My Angel from one of my favorite bands of that time, Rock Goddess.Many of Metal Queens song performances really impressed me, starting with Acid‘s Max Overload, but even more so, Lee Aaron‘s Metal Queens (whose explosive photos in the magazines of that time I cannot forget). I will also single out the performance of the Rebel Ladies from my also beloved Zed Yago, as well as the Bad Attitude by Hellion. Marta leaves for the end, and rather deliberately with the stamp of the bonus track, her basic love, but also influence from what it seems, Doro, with an excellent cover of Mr. Gold by Warlock. In addition to the songs I mentioned above, on Metal Queens we will also find Count Your Blessings by Malteze, Goin ‘Wild by the late Wendy O’ Williams and Reencarnacion by Santa.

Metal Queens is obviously another one of the many releases of covers that have flooded the music market for over a decade and their quality level ranges from savory to genius. What made me appreciate this release is the respect with which Marta treats the music of the artists she chose to present, but also the way she makes these songs “hers“! And it’s important that none of these songs were monumental in music, e.g. if we ask someone younger in age, it will be very difficult for him/her to know any of them, even the aforementioned bands beyond, maybe except Warlock and Chastain. This makes Marta‘s effort even more important and forces me to recommend this album to all the metal lovers of that time.