AGE OF ATHENA – ‘Gate To Oblivion’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – ‘A Gentleman’s Legacy’ by Kira L. Schlechter

AEPHANEMER – ‘A Dream Of Wilderness’ by Leanne Evans

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES – ‘In Nomine Sanguinis’ by Isabell Köster

XIPHEA – ‘Witchcraft’ by Laura Waalboer

TEMPERANCE – ‘Diamanti’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

AFTERTIME – ‘Infinite Legacy’ by Victoria Wise

AD INFINITUM – ‘Chapter II: Legacy’ by Kira L. Schlechter

MANORA – ‘Brave The Storm’ by Laura Waalboer

DREAM OCEAN – ‘The Missing Stone’ by Laura Waalboer

THE AGONIST – ‘Days Before The World Wept’ by Leanne Evans

LAST DAYS OF EDEN – ‘Butterflies’ by Laura Waalboer

CATALYST CRIME – ‘Catalyst Crime’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

LADY BEAST – ‘Omens’ by Kira L. Schlechter

WHYZDOM – ‘Of Wonders And Wars’ by Laura Waalboer

SEVEN SPIRES – ‘Gods Of Debauchery’ by Kira L. Schlechter

ANETTE OLZON – ‘Strong’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

SCARLET AURA – ‘Genesis Of Time’ by Leanne Evans

ARYEM – ‘The Bird’s Assembly’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

CLAYMOREAN – ‘Eulogy For The Gods’ by Kira L. Schlechter

DIMMAN – ‘Songs And Tales Of Grievance’ by Audrey Gerrard

ENEMY INSIDE – ‘Seven’ by Kira L. Schlechter

MARTA GABRIEL – ‘Metal Queens’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

INNER STREAM – ‘Stain The Sea’ by Leanne Evans

HIRAES – ‘Solitary’ by Audrey Gerrard

LAURENNE/LOUHIMO – ‘The Reckoning’ by Kira L. Schlechter

ANGELWINGS – ‘Primordium’ by Kira L. Schlechter

CRYPTA – ‘Echoes Of The Soul’ by Leanne Evans

VEXED – ‘Culling Culture’ by Audrey Gerrard

BURNING WITCHES – ‘The Witch Of The North’ by Kira L. Schlechter

TEMTRIS – ‘Ritual Warfare’ by Leanne Evans

SCARVED – ‘Flashback’ by Ryan Callander

EVERLUST – ‘Diary Of Existence’ by Kira L. Schlechter

FROZEN CROWN – ‘Winterbane’ by Laura Waalboer

BLACKBRIAR – ‘The Cause Of Shipwreck’ by Ryan Callander

FALSE MEMORIES – ‘The Last Night Of Fall’ by Ryan Callander

KINGS WINTER – ‘Edge Of Existence’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

DARK HORSE | WHITE HORSE – ‘Dark Horse | White Horse’ by Leanne Evans

VELVET VIPER – ‘Cosmic Healer’ by Kira L. Schlechter

SUPERLYNX – ‘Electric Temple’ by Leanne Evans

METALITE – ‘A Virtual World’ by Kira L. Schlechter

HEART HEALER – ‘The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson’ by Laura Waalboer

INHUMAN – ‘InHuman’ by Isabell Köster

EPICA – ‘Omega’ by Kira L. Schlechter

ELYOSE – ‘Persona’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

SIRENIA – ‘Riddles, Ruins & Revelations’ by Camilla Strand

EVERDAWN ‘Cleopatra’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

SOULS OF DIOTIMA – ‘Janas’ by Kira L. Schlechter

CRYSTAL VIPER – ‘The Cult’ by Dimitris Kazantzis

PHANTOM ELITE – ‘Titanium’ by Kira L. Schlechter

NERVOSA – ‘Perpetual Chaos’ by Dimitris Kazantzis