THE A.X.E. PROJECT - Recap (1)

The beginning of the project has its roots in the distant years between 1991 and 1994, when inspired and lead by Georgi Georgiev a line-up was gathered in order to record the grand and spectacular for its times project called ‘Tangra’s Last Battle‘ – a rock-opera. The realization of the idea demanded gathering of some musicians and therefore in 1994 the first line-up was created under the name A.X.E., which was about to record the overture for the rock-opera. In 1996 the band made an attempt to find funding for the completion of the whole project, but without any success. This lead to the first one year break which ended in 1997.

THE A.X.E. PROJECT - Recap (2)In 1998, the two brothers Rosen and Georgi Georgiev decided to dramatically change the project’s musical direction and concept as a whole, searching for an unique own style. But it would take them 12 years and many line-up changes before the debut album ‘Stories From A Lost Realm Part One‘ was released in December 2010 with Petya Plukchieva on vocals. After having released the live DVD ‘Dark Tales: Live 2011‘ from their concert with Blind Guardian in 2012, the band started recording sessions for their second album ‘Stories From A Lost Realm Part Two‘. The sequel to ‘Part One‘ was released in November 2015, after the band had signed a deal with Spanish label Art Gates Records.

In 2002, the name of the band had been changed to THE A.X.E. PROJECT and under this name they have first released two singles in 2020, ‘Cry‘ and ‘Wall Of Silence‘, before the new album ‘Future.Imperfect‘ was loosed upon the world. From this album also comes the beautiful 3rd single, ‘Runaway‘, including an official video. In 2015, Petya had to make way for the new vocalist Tsveti Kirilova (ex-Bendida) and it is her voice that you hear on ‘Future.Imperfect‘ and you see her also in the video.

Tsveti Kirilova – Vocals
Martin Emilov – Lead Guitar
Rosen Georgiev – Rhythm Guitar
Georgi Georgiev – Bass/Vocals
Yordan Todorov – Keyboards
Stoyan Petrov – Drums

01. Death
02. Cry
03. Wall Of Silence
04. Runaway
05. Desire
06. The Great Beyond
07. Vengeance
08. The City And The Stars


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