ARDUINNA's DAWN - Recap (1)

ARDUINNA's DAWN - Recap (2)Arduinna is a boar-riding celtic godess of the hunt and woods. Her cult originates from the hilly forests of the Ardennes, which are named after her.

The first contact of the founding members of ARDUINNA’S DAWN, a symphonic metal band from Luxembourg, happened on the 30th of April 2016 at the Metalfestival in Kopstal. It took about two months to find a complete line-up. At first, they had to deal with several line-up changes, but when Sarah took over the vocals from Jimmy (who would become the keyboards player), things became pretty stable.

Unfortunately, after the performance at the Necksplosion Fest, Sarah‘s emigration to Hungary threw a spanner in the works for ARDUINNA’S DAWN‘s future. But in the audience, there was Natascha. She heard that Sarah would leave the band, auditioned and became the new vocalist. In 2019, the band recorded their first EP ‘Saturnine Moon‘, but an issue with bassist Yves in December 2019 thwarted their plans for a release.

A new bassist was quickly found in Gábor and the EP release was set for July 2020. However, Lady Luck was still not on their side, as a pandemic compromised the planned release again. But that didn’t get them down and September 19th, 2020, was the auspicious day of the final release of ‘Saturnine Moon‘. ARDUINNA’S DAWN dropped their first single ‘Frozen‘ as well that month and ‘Shadows Of Yourself‘ as a lyrics video, both come from the EP, in October. The band is now waiting for their first concert with Gábor.

Natascha – Vocals
Andy – Guitar
Gábor Bándi – Bass
Jimmy – Keyboards
Mike – Drums

01. The Beast Within
02. Shadows Of Yourself
03. Frozen
04. Dream World

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