Under the header RECAP (which could refer to RECAPITULATION or RECAPTURED) we will present you some albums or videos that were released earlier this year, but that we somehow missed. Also, we will give you some more information about the band as well.

JIRFIYA - Recap (1)

VIDEO: ‘House Of Poison’

THE HARPS - Recap (1)

VIDEO: ‘Mistress Of The Night’

ELISADAY - Recap (1)

VIDEO: ‘Inner War’

INANIMALIA - Recap (1)

VIDEO: ‘Butterfly’

WARBELL - Recap (1)

VIDEO: ‘Mercenary’s Fate’

THE A.X.E. PROJECT - Recap (1)
ALBUM: ‘Future.Imperfect’

ARDUINNA's DAWN - Recap (1)

EP: ‘Saturnine Moon’

DEAD SLEEP - Recap (1)

ALBUM: ‘Naked Tyrant’

FATHERS FACE - Recap (1)

ALBUM: ‘Herald Of The End’

MARIALENA - Recap (1)

ALBUM: ‘Vanity’

Recap - Jenner (1)

EP: ‘The Test Of Time’

DESDAEMONA - Recap (1a)

VIDEO: ‘Everdare (Memento Audere Semper)’

NOVARIUM - Recap (2)

EP: ‘Stain Of A Soul’ 

SYMPHIA - Recap (1)

EP: ‘Anteludium’

ORKHYS - Recap (3)

EP: ‘Awakening’

VIDEO: ‘Witch City’