Rebecca Feeney leaves RAVENLIGHT


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This week, Northern Ireland symphonic power metal band RAVENLIGHT announced the departure of singer Rebecca Feeney. She has been with the band for five years and made two albums with them, Project Genesis (2020) and Immemorial (2023). The good news for folks in her country is that Rebecca will still be doing the current running shows at the Siege Of Limerick festival and the one in Dublin with Celtic Legacy this April. Meanwhile, RAVENLIGHT has started the search for a new singer, apply here:

RAVENLIGHT RebeccaA word from Rebecca: “Hi folks, I’m sure my departure from the band will come as a shock to many, because I have been so happy doing what I love. I have had an amazing 5 years making and playing music with this fantastic bunch of people – it’s been a real privilege to get to work with some of my closest friends. It’s also been a blast getting to play all over Ireland, meeting new folk and always having a lovely reception from our fans and new listeners alike. I really can’t express my gratitude to everyone enough – my incredible band mates, the promoters who have helped us, the photographers and videographers who have worked with us, and all the people who listen to our music, whether it’s coming to see our live shows or listening to/buying our music. I love and appreciate you all.

The reason I’m leaving the band is simple – I just want to do something different. I’m still hoping to be playing metal music in the future, but just a different genre. I just felt that now was the time to move to something different. I’m very lucky that me and the guys get along so well, we’re all still very close and when they have a new vocalist I’ll be the first one in the door to see them. Can’t wait to see what the guys do going forward! Thank you all again for your support over the years, it’s meant more to me than I can put into words.”  ❤️