ANCIENT SETTLERS sign with Scarlet Records

07-02-2024 FFP 0

The release of ANCIENT SETTLERS’ last EP “Tales From The Earth” in January 2024 must have drawn Scarlet Records’ attention. The Italian label has signed the Spanish melodic death metal band with Venezuelan roots for multiple albums.

XENERIS feature

Kalidia is dead, long live XENERIS!

16-01-2024 FFP 0

Out of the ashes of Italian split-up band Kalidia rises a new power metal quartet by the name of XENERIS. Formed in December 2023, the band have already signed with Italian label Frontiers Records and will release their debut album soon.

EXCEPT ONE feature

The end of the road for EXCEPT ONE

12-01-2024 FFP 0

Twelve years, that’s how long the story of French melodic death metal band EXCEPT ONE lasted. In those twelve years they released two EPs and two full-length albums, of which “Broken” (2022) was their last one. And now it has all come to an end.


TRAIL OF TEARS sign with The Circle Music

10-01-2024 FFP 0

In 2013, Norwegian symphonic/gothic metal band TRAIL OF TEARS released their last album “Oscillation”. Over a decade later, Greek label The Circle Music signed the band for multiple albums, but they kick off with a new EP “Winds Of Disdain” first.


HIDDEN LAPSE’s bassist passed away

04-01-2024 FFP 0

Nobody lives forever, but some slip away far before their time. Italian melodic prog metal band HIDDEN LAPSE, who released three albums “Redemption”, “Butterflies” and “Dilemma”, announce the passing of their bass player Romina Pantanetti.