12-11-2020 FFP 0

Italian based Frontiers Records do not only have some fine bands on their roster, but they are also known for setting up new projects and bands to release the best voices in rock. Their latest project is a fusion between Smackbound’s Netta Laurenne and Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo. Together they will launch an album somewhere in 2021!

EVERLUST - Post (3)

EVERLUST Have Entered The Studio

07-11-2020 FFP 0

There are not so many female fronted symphonic metal bands from the Baltic states left. There’s Emphasis and Portread from Estonia and Lureaway and EVERLUST from Latvia. The latter are going to record a new album for Wormholedeath, probably for release in 2021.

TRAIL OF TEARS Return To The Metal Scene

21-10-2020 FFP 0

It has been 7 years since Norwegian band TRAIL OF TEARS released their last album ‘Oscillation’. But blood is thicker than water and the band with acclaimed singer Ailyn is working on a comeback in this troubled year 2020. A new album is an option and they plan to do some ‘special’ concerts.

New EPICA Album ‘Omega’ Out On February 26, 2021

08-10-2020 FFP 0

It’s been 4 years since ‘The Holographic Principle’ came out, but we have great news for all EPICA fans! The title, the cover art, the tracklist and the release date of the new album ‘Ωmega’ have been revealed! And even better, a new single is out on October 9th!

TEMTRIS - promo

TEMTRIS Sign With Wormholedeath

09-09-2020 FFP 0

Australian heavy metal band TEMTRIS are going to break all boundaries and step out of the isolation from the land down under (Australia is kind of separated from the rest of the metal world) by signing to Italian label Wormholedeath. A new album can be expected in April 2021.


FRANTIC AMBER’s Elizabeth Andrews In her Quarantine Days

25-08-2020 FFP 0

Almost 3 months ago, we closed the COVID-19 QUESTIONS topic, as we didn’t expect more answers to come in. But we were wrong, first Brittney Slayes sent hers in and now we got them back from FRANTIC AMBER’s Elizabeth Andrews as well. But this is definitely the last one!