THERION – Leviathan

Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release: 22-01-2021
Style: Symphonic Metal

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Balancing ominous atmosphere and powerful, seducing chants, ‘Leviathan‘ succeeds in virtually conjuring the mythical sea creature the song has borrowed its name from.

THERION have always been a band that have challenged themselves to explore new paths, while remaining true to their musical core values. For their 17th studio album, ‘Leviathan‘, mastermind Christofer Johnsson and his collaborator Thomas Vikström have created something that has been previously unthinkable to the guitarist and the singer. “We have done the only thing that was left of all the different angles to explore”, explains Christofer. “We have decided to give the people what they kept asking for. ‘Leviathan’ is the first album that we have deliberately packed with THERION hit songs.

When Christofer faced the question of where to go next after the dramatic ‘Beloved Antichrist‘ (2018) had finally fulfilled his musical mission, his answer is ‘Leviathan‘ named after a giant sea monster from Judeo-Christian myth that has roots in Babylonic lore: THERION have created a giant hit album – and for the first time in the history of the Swedes, their fans are not asked to explore something new, but simply to lean back and enjoy the best from their band!

Lori Lewis – Vocals (Soprano)
Thomas Vikström – Vocals/Flute
Christofer Johnsson – Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Programming
Christian Vidal – Lead Guitar
Nalle Påhlsson – Bass
Sami Karppinen – Drums

01. The Leaf On The Oak Of Far
02. Tuonela
03. Leviathan
04. Die Wellen Der Zeit
05. Aži Dahāka
06. Eye Of Algol
07. Nocturnal Light
08. Great Marquis Of Hell
09. Psalm Of Retribution
10. El Primer Sol
11. Ten Courts Of Diyu

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