DARK ZODIAK – Ophiuchus (The Thirteenth Sign Of Zodiac)

Country: Germany
Label: Independent
Release: 30-01-2021
Style: Death Metal/Thrash Metal

DARK ZODIAK - Releases (1)

DARK ZODIAK stands for thrilling live shows, a crushing sound, direct interaction with the crowd and a perfect fusion of thrash and death metal, forged from whipping riffs, tons of drums and thunderous female growls.

DARK ZODIAK came to life in 2011, rocked all over Germany and Europe and shared the stage with names like Tankard, Debauchery, Eluveitie, Stillbirth, Pripjat….

DARK ZODIAK - Releases (2)

In 2013, the first EP ‘Throwing Stones‘ was released, followed by the first LP ‘See You In Hell‘ in 2015. The 2017 published ‘Landscapes Of Our Soul‘ could win the title Underground truffles in Reviews and numerous events, festivals and especially metalhead-hearts were conquered.

2020, the band mortar is glowing again and it’s being punched and grinded on new death lead grenades, with the intent to ignite a new, clenched explosive charge in 2021’s ‘Ophiuchus‘ and to get extreme-metal-head-hairstyles to rotate.

Line up:
Simone Schwarz – Vocals
Charly Gak – Guitar
Benni Poeck – Guitar
Steffi Bergmann – Bass
Dieter Schwarz – Drums

01. Do More Say Less
02. Heaven, Earth And Beneath
03. Invisible Apocalypse
04. Ophiuchus
05. Destroy Destruction
06. Humor
07. From Thrash Till Death
08. 2020 A.D.
09. Total Freedom
10. Ignorance

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