LACUNA COIL – New Live Track And Video To “Apocalypse”

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Italian metal giants LACUNA COIL just recently announced the release of a new live album, entitled Live From The Apocalypse, to be released on June 25th! As of now the live version of Apocalypse, originally released on the latest studio album Black Anima, is available on all digital platforms!

“Looking at the sand gliding down through the hourglass… “Apocalypse” is factual and actual in today’s pandemic, though we couldn’t foresee this when we wrote it: the separation, the solitude, the confusion, the resilience. We keep on fighting for our will to survive.“  – Cristina Scabbia

Apocalypse” is usually a huge concept involving destruction or damage and the way the world ends. In our vision,  there’s no big apocalypse just endless little ones. Ignorance, complacency, selfishness alone can bring apocalypse.“ – Andrea Ferro

Live From The Apocalypse is the fruit of an unprecedented time. Unlike previous live efforts the Italians, under the yoke of the pandemic, cleverly devised a way for their devoted fan base to hear and see them on stage by organizing a special live stream event performing their latest album, Black Anima in its entirety, in September 2020. This very special show will now be released on vinyl and CD as well as a digital album. The physical album formats come with a bonus DVD featuring the footage of the original live stream.


Tracklist Live From The Apocalypse”:
01. Anima Nera
02. Sword Of Anger
03. Save Me
04. Now Or Never
05. Reckless
06. Through The Flames
07. Apocalypse
08. Black Feathers
09. Under The Surface
10. The End Is All I Can See
11. Veneficium
12. Black Dried Up Heart
13. Bad Things
14. Layers Of Time
15. Black Anima
16. Save Me (Apocalypse Version)

Live From The Apocalypse will be available in different formats and can be pre–ordered here!

Also don’t miss to pre-order HORNS UP!, LACUNA COIL’s very own tabletop (or better yet, concert floor!) party game in pure rock style. The game itself takes place at a LACUNA COIL show, where each player must fight his or her way to be the first to reach the stage. LACUNA COIL band members will be an active presence in the game: they are depicted on the Stage Cards, and each of these will have consequences on the whole audience! You can pre-order your copy here. Shipping worldwide from November 2021.Lacuna Coil - band_darkLACUNA COIL are: 
Cristina Scabbia –  Vocals 
Andrea Ferro – Vocals 
Marco Maki Coti-Zelati – Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Synths  
Diego DD Cavallotti – Guitars 
Richard Meiz – Drums


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