Kalidia is dead, long live XENERIS!

XENERIS feature


After symphonic metal / power metal band Kalidia had split-up in 2022, fans were disappointed and wondered what would become of their ex-members. Well, they had nothing to worry about singer Nicoletta Rosellini, she was in Walk In Darkness already, joined The Erinyes and started Alterium with Kalidia drummer Dario Gozzi in 2022. The remaining two ex-members, guitarist Federico Paolini and bassist Roberto Donati, have teamed up to form a brand new band, XENERISHere’s what they have to say about that on XENERIS‘ Facebook page:

“Attention all, we’ve some exhilarating news! We present to you, XENERIS, Italy’s newest sensation in power metal!

Formed in December 2023, after the disbandment of Kalidia, XENERIS is the brainchild of Federico Paolini (co-founder, composer and guitarist of Kalidia) and Roberto Donati (bassist of Kalidia). Coupled with the jaw-dropping vocals of Maryan and the rhythmic genius of Stefano Livieri, we’ve created an unstoppable team!

XENERIS MaryanThat’s not all – brace yourselves for a musical odyssey as we, XENERIS, fuse power metal, symphonic metal and progressive metal into an electrifying concoction of irresistible melodies, powerful riffs and grand arrangements.

What makes us unique? We’re infusing myths, real-life and fantasy legends, and introspection from human experiences into our music.

Now here’s the big reveal – we’re thrilled to share that we’ve become part of the Frontiers Records family and our debut album is releasing soon!

Don’t miss out on the epic journey of XENERIS! Stay tuned to our social media channels for exclusive updates, sneak peeks and the latest on our musical escapades, where myths, reality and human experiences intertwine.”

MARYAN: Vocals

WEBSITE: https://www.xenerisband.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61554733433703&locale=en_GB