Italian Melodic Metal Group MARBLE Joins Sliptrick

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MARBLE (IT) Melodic Metal | Progressive Metal | Modern Metal

The MARBLE project started as a power metal act in early 2000 in Northern Italy. Founded by bassist Daniel Fleba, guitarists Paul Beretta and Omar Gornati and keybord player Jacopo Marchesi, they published their debut demo in 2006 with a female vocalist. In 2007, after a change in the line-up which included a male vocalist and the addition of more prog influences, MARBLE released their first full length ‘A.t.G.o.d.’ under Y Records and published by Warner Chappel. Eventually, joining and completing the band was new stand-out vocalist Eleonora Travaglino and talented drummer Norman Ceriotti (from Defamed).

MARBLE - Posts (3)Their new album is called ‘S.A.V.E.’ and presents a surprising mix of heavy guitar riffs, powerful aggressiveness, amazing guitar solos, surprising keyboard harmonies and original technical rhythms blended with Eleonora’s breath-taking, catchy melodies and epic choruses, that will thrill fans of both melodic and extreme metal music. The ‘S.A.V.E.’ lyrics are focused on human behaviour and entwined with the three theological virtues and the seven deadly sins in a gloomy and decadent mood.


Marble plan to release ‘S.A.V.E.’ via Sliptrick Records in early 2021.


Eleonora Travaglino – Vocals
Paul Beretta – Lead Guitar
Omar Gornati – Guitar
Daniel Fleba – Bass
Jacopo Marchesi – Keyboards
Norman Ceriotti – Drums


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