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Hailing from Porto in Portugal, this satanic power metal band, led by visionary Dy Moob, has a comedic approach towards satanism and BDSM. They released their first album Unknown Sound in 2021, followed by the EP Halloween Mass the same year and their sophomore album Legacy Of Satanin 2022. The band claims to be influenced by Ghost, Powerwolf, Alice Cooper, Arch Enemy and Dimmu Borgir. Coincidently, on October 31st (yes, that’s on HalloweenMASTER DY release their brand new independent EP Ghost. Grab your crosses and say your prayers, here’s an exclusive interview with the very candid Dy Moob herself.


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MASTER DY used to be a 7-piece band, but on the new band photo there are only four people. Who are in the band nowadays?

Indeed, we made the decision to downsize our team, mainly because our members were spread across three different countries. Given the logistical challenges of being so geographically dispersed, we opted to temporarily reduce our team to just four members. This adjustment has allowed us to streamline our band’s operations. Currently, the lineup includes myself as the primary vocalist, Mr. Draco on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mr. Cepheus on second guitar (and occasionally on the keyboard), and Mr. Hydra on drums. It’s worth noting that we are in the process of finding a replacement for Mr. Hydra due to personal reasons. Our band has always been a tight-knit community, and even when members decide to part ways, they continue to contribute in various ways.

About those names, you all use incognitos. Where did you get them from and what do they mean?

You see, when I set out to form the band, my vision was nothing short of grand. I envisioned a group of musicians who weren’t just stars but true constellations in their own right. I wanted to assemble a team that perfectly aligned with my creative goals. That’s why I decided to name the band members after constellations from the Andromeda galaxy. It felt like a fitting way to capture the essence of what I aimed to achieve with this project.

MASTER DY DyMoobYour first EP “Halloween Mass” was also released on Halloween two years ago, just as “Ghost” will be. Since you are a Brazilian yourself, is Halloween just as important for you as Carnival in Rio?

Absolutely, I’ve had a deep affection for Halloween from a young age. Unlike many others in Brazil, I was never really a fan of Carnival. For me, Halloween stands out as one of the most significant festive occasions. It aligns perfectly with my personal tastes. I’ve always been drawn to the themes of horror, costumes, storytelling and music. And Halloween encapsulates all of these elements in a uniquely magical way.

Your Facebook page is no longer active, you only work with Instagram, Twitter (X) and TikTok nowadays. How did that work out for you and the band so far?

Our decision to leave Facebook has had a significantly positive impact on us. Despite having a larger following on Facebook compared to other platforms, we found that the most engaged and genuinely supportive fans were coming from different social networks. Personally, being on Facebook had become a toxic experience for both me and our lead guitarist, Mr. Draco. We both deal with borderline disorder, and the challenge of balancing our music careers with our mental well-being is extremely demanding. Therefore, it wasn’t a hard decision to part ways with the most toxic network for us. So far, our fans have been remarkably understanding of our perspective, which greatly aids us in continuing our musical journey while taking care of our mental health.

You told me on October 11th that only three of the four tracks on the new EP “Ghost” were ready, the fourth one was still in the hands of the mixer. Do you always record songs like that? Finish one, send it off and then record the next one?

Our usual approach to releases involves completing everything well in advance of the launch date. However, for this particular release, we faced some unexpected delays due to personal reasons. I’m a firm believer in maintaining transparency and integrity with our fans. I don’t allow industry pressures to rob us of our enthusiasm for creating music, even when faced with delays or unforeseen events. These situations can occur, and we can’t always have full control, especially with a small team and limited resources. Regardless of the challenges we encounter, we remain committed to moving forward and not allowing such details to hinder our progress.

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Let’s talk about the new EP now, track by track, starting with opener  “#SatanicPowerMetal”. Why is the title written with # and as one word? Is this the “comedic approach to Satanism” as you mention on your website?

First and foremost, we’ve been using this tag to represent the band on social media. We made a deliberate choice to create a song with the tag as its name. And yes, there’s a humorous aspect to it. However, our lighthearted approach to Satanism isn’t about diminishing its significance, as some might perceive. Instead, it’s our way of showing that Satanists are good-natured individuals who value humor, express frustrations against injustices, and so on. The term “Satanism” itself has often been unfairly stigmatized due to the actions of a few extreme followers. We believe this was largely due to marketing strategies in the past. We aim to present a more vibrant and approachable image.

The song opens vigorously with just drums and bass, but then a searing guitar riff quickly takes over. What are the lyrics about in “#SatanicPowerMetal”?

The lyrics address a common query we receive, often from individuals in other bands. They wonder why we explore occultism and Satanism without resorting to the typical high-volume screams, gutturals, or more overtly expressive vocals. In the song, I emphasize that I’m not interested in engaging in a vocal power struggle. I prefer to conserve my energy and convey my message without the need for loud shouting. Essentially, it comes down to focusing on your own project while I handle mine. Haha!

MASTER DY single“Modern Apocalypse”, track #2 on “Ghost”, opens with what sounds like or could become a guitar anthem. It’s quite a heavy song, although your vocals seems so calm on it. Reading the lyrics, this could be about the digital revolution we’re in the middle of (“In this age of bytes and light / Navigating choices / Wrong and right” and “Bytes and codes / Rule the day / Human touch / Fade away”). Does the turbulent expansion of the digital world, and in particular Artificial Intelligence or A.I., worry you?

Absolutely, it’s a genuine concern. I’ve noticed that many young people are becoming increasingly disconnected, primarily interacting through digital means. Some don’t even have a clear understanding of the origin of the food they consume, and this deeply saddens me, especially considering my generation. It feels like connections are fading away, and the more advanced a country becomes, the colder people seem to grow. Relationships become more superficial. I believe a significant part of this shift can be attributed to technology. While knowledge is a valuable asset, its rapid expansion has led many to assume they know everything and can stand alone. In reality, most struggle to care for themselves independently, sometimes no success. However, this is just my perspective, one that I express through our music.

The third track is called “Trained To Die”. A more symphonic metal than power metal song. Who are the “heroes” you sing about? Is it an anti-war song, cause that would be quite appropriate with two wars going on in the world now, in the Ukraine and in Israel?

I composed this song while reflecting on my grandfather’s stories. He served as a marine during World War II and shared his experiences with me regularly. His recollections inspired me to contemplate the present global situation and the experiences of modern soldiers on various sides of conflicts. These individuals often find themselves in situations where they must follow orders, even when they don’t fully comprehend the broader political context. Many of them are young and may not fully grasp the intricacies of the conflicts they’re involved in, yet they stand ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Their dedication is something most of us can’t fathom.

MASTER DY EPClosing the EP is title track “Ghost”. Since I haven’t been able to hear this one yet, please tell us in great colour and detail what the song is about and what we will hear when we listen to it?

This song delves into some dark and even controversial territory, as it’s a raw portrayal of my inner demons. It’s a musical canvas where I explore how I manage and contain my less pleasant aspects while feeling like a ghost of myself, moving through life. In this composition, I’ve found a unique outlet for expressing these emotions, surpassing anything I’ve done before. One striking aspect is the departure from our usual power metal style. This time, the music takes on a more gothic vibe, featuring sinister organs, a pronounced rhythm and more subdued riffs. What’s even more exciting is our first collaboration with the talented Rafael Dinnamarque from the Brazilian heavy metal band Dinnamarque. Rafael not only contributed his powerful vocals, but also took over the bass and even had a hand in crafting the guitar riffs. While the lyrics tackle profound themes, the overall sound is a departure from our typical offerings, and we’re thrilled about this new direction.

You also have your own label, DyMM P&M. When did you start this and what other bands besides MASTER DY are on their roster?

DyMM initially took shape as a record label back in December 2019. While it had been around in a different capacity before that, I decided to change its focus. Currently, we’re proudly collaborating with a roster of 20 talented artists like Dinnamarque, Loss (BR), Kebras, Dynnamo, Gaiabeta, Guilherme Costa, Caio Gaona (GeekBatera) among others. However, we’ve taken a different path at DyMM. Rather than sticking to the conventional record label model, which I found to be often unfair, I’ve adopted a new approach. The reason behind this shift is that many aspiring bands come to us with rather unrealistic views about the contemporary music industry. By changing our working strategy, I aim to keep the dream alive without dashing their hopes in an industry that can be incredibly competitive and oversaturated. Today, DyMM is evolving into a multifaceted network with various services, websites and affiliated companies. It’s all about artists helping one another, creating a robust and supportive chain that may be in its early stages but is steadily growing stronger.

MASTER DY DyMoobnunWhat are your future plans for MASTER DY?

I’ve got several plans in the pipeline for the upcoming year as laid out in our business strategy. However, these past 10 months have been quite tumultuous for us. Given the instability we’ve faced, I’m not ready to divulge all the details just yet. What I can share is that we’re diligently crafting a strategy to ensure there’s no shortage of music for metalheads in the coming year. We’re in the process of reconfiguring our tour, which has already been postponed twice due to the challenges I mentioned earlier. This time, we’re determined to make it happen. We’ll keep our fans and supporters informed through our social media channels and Patreon including where I provide unfiltered updates on our challenges, share ideas, unveil new riffs, quirky photos, and more. I truly hope you enjoy our new EP, even though it’s been another challenging creation for us. It’s always a labor of love, driven by intense emotions and creativity. Most importantly, in 2024, we’re here to stay, continuing “connect people piece by piece”. Thank you for this interview and thank you all for being part of our journey.