HELGA topAs the vibrant hues of autumn give way to the crisp embrace of winter, the music world eagerly awaits the emergence of a unique musical entity, HELGA. With an ethereal blend of dark, folk and progressive metal, this enigmatic group is poised to make a resounding debut this November with their highly-anticipated first album. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the minds and hearts of HELGA, discovering the emotions they aim to evoke in their listeners. Join us on a journey through the shadows and revelations as Helga Gabriel opens up about their debut album and the mesmerizing world it introduces.


HELGA bandpic

Hello Helga, how are you doing at the moment?

Hi! I’m doing very well, thank you. Just got back home from a songwriting session at the café. 😀

You are about to release Wrapped In Mist at the end of November. How do you feel when your work is out for everyone to enjoy?

I was just thinking about this while walking back home today. I think it’s a bit daunting because it feels like exposing my soul. At the same time, it feels wonderful because I know that there are people out there who will enjoy this and resonate with the music and the lyrics, and hopefully make them feel good (or better!) or feel inspired to create.

HELGA albumHow would you describe HELGA to someone that has never heard of the group?

If you like dark, emotional, progressive, beautiful melodies and harmonies… then listen to our music!

I really like the atmospheres you create in your tracks. Will you share with us your creative process?

Thanks, I’m glad you appreciate it! I’ve always had a thing for ambient sounds and this is something that I have discussed with our producer Luiz Felipe Netto since we started working together. I love sounds that can make you feel as though you are in that space. I have a field recorder that I’ve used a couple of times to record nature sounds, but sometimes I just use my mobile phone, too.

Has there been a real-life situation that inspired any of the songs from “Wrapped In Mist”?

Defnitely! I think 6 songs out of 10 are inspired by it.

Your songs would be absolutely mind-blowing to hear in a live concert. Do you plan to perform or tour to promote “Wrapped In Mist”?

We have some plans in the works! We can’t wait to perform this music out there and connect with the people.

HELGA pic 1Being the only woman in the band sometimes can be funny. Would you like to share a hilarious moment that happened with the other members?

I don’t know if this is hilarious but I found it hilarious at the time. We had to catch a fight to Sweden and Cameron (one of the guitarists) set multiple alarms to wake up, but still did not manage to wake up which resulted in missing the train to the airport. Impressively, he still managed to catch the flight, albeit slightly under pressure.

Is there a record that you consider the closest to perfection?

Hmm… music of The Lord Of The Rings film series by Howard Shore, perhaps?

If you were one of the four elements (earth, fre, wind, water), which one would you be and why?

I love all these elements, but if I really had to choose then it would probably have to be the wind. Have you ever heard the howling wind? Sometimes it sounds like a human voice to me. My voice is my main instrument nowadays.

Thank you so much, Helga, for taking the time to do this interview! Would you like to add anything else to the Female Fronted Power readers?

Thank you for providing a platform for female musicians and to the readers for staying curious and giving your support to the arts. There’s not many of us in the music industry, so a space like this is highly appreciated. Hope you enjoy our album Wrapped In Mist once it’s out! My bandmates and I are very curious to hear what you think or feel about it, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment or message on our social media. Also, we hope to see some of you in one of our future shows! I appreciate your time. Peace and love.

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