An in-depth interview with Rossella Moscatello, lead vocalist of Italian dark metal band FALSE MEMORIES covering the intimate details of their very first tour!

I’ve been an album reviewer here at Female Fronted Power since February of this year. To date I’ve written 6 album reviews. If you’ve read my reviews then chances are you’ve already noticed I am a huge FALSE MEMORIES fan and I think Rossella is amazing! I was super excited about their first tour in support of the Brazilian band Semblant and since I wasn’t able to attend any of the shows, I followed the tour online as closely as possible sharing every photo and video clip I could find to their Facebook Fan Group (of which I am also the Administrator) as soon as I could! At some point during the tour the idea came to me that it would be awesome to do an interview with Rossella about the tour and she agreed!



Hello Rossella! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me about the 2022 European tour! I am super excited about the opportunity! As you know, I followed the tour online as closely as I possibly could and I would just like to say that on every video clip I saw you looked and sounded absolutely incredible and the same goes for the rest of the band! A huge congratulations goes out to you and the band on the success of this tour! I am super happy and proud for you all!

Hi Mike, thank you for having me here and, of course: thank you for all you do for the band! It is absolutely fantastic and priceless! Yes, the tour was very intense for all of us, we wanted to give to the European fans our love with our performance!

You all must have been so excited about the trip and the tour! How did you sleep the night before and what was it like as you prepared for the trip? What thoughts and feelings were going through your mind?

On the contrary, I slept very well the night before just because I forced myself to do it! The day after was so hard because our trip to France! I was so ready to do that, after a long time due to the pandemic (we were afraid of another postponed tour!) and other facts bonded to that.

07/15/22 Day 1: Lisboa, Portugal – RCA Club

After arriving at the RCA CLUB you did a Twitch live-stream from the venue which was really cool! You took us on a tour of the bus and the venue, and then you even set up your phone with the camera facing the stage and we got to watch your entire sound check! I’d like to say that was super cool of you to do that and I really enjoyed it!

Oh yes, I was on tour but I didn’t forget my Twitch channel, so I did the streaming for those who follow me and the band from the platform! ūüôā

What were your first impressions of Portugal and the RCA CLUB?

People’s heat! Awesome guys, loads of energy in the air!

Day 1: RCA Club, Lisboa, Portugal

I remember that day you posted some video on your Instagram from a gym where the owner of the gym was playing “Voices” over the sound system. You seemed really blown away by that! That must have been a really awesome feeling! Can you describe what it was like for you hearing your music at the gym and for the first time in another country?

It was a little bit strange! At the very first time I was doing exercises and then “Voices” started to be played in the gym. I was like “What the‚Ķ?” The gym guy was so nice to us! ūüôā

What was it like meeting the band Semblant for the first time?

Oh man, they are such an awesome band and special brothers to me! When we met for the first time I liked them because they are genuine! We had a lot of beautiful moments with the guys and I miss them so much!

That first show had to have been a bit surreal for you. It was the very first time the band ever played live¬†outside of Italy! So here you are finally doing it! You’re actually onstage performing live in Portugal!¬†During that first show, do you remember any specific moments that stand out to you and what were¬†your thoughts after the show and how it went?

It was so intense! For us it was the first time hitting a stage out of our country (as you know we are very new in gigs and shows as a band, we just started in 2019, the year before the pandemic!). We will always remember this first time out of Italy. ūüĖ§ Like always, after the show I was near to the merch table to meet people and I was overwhelmed by their love and happiness to be there with us and the other bands!

07/16/22 Day 2: Figueira Da Foz, Portugal – DRAC Club

This show was originally scheduled for the Hard Club in Porto, Portugal, but then rescheduled for the DRAC CLUB. What are your thoughts and feelings about this show and what memories do you have of it?

Oh, well! It was a very strange venue! I don’t know how I felt but I only know that the venue’s workers¬†were very nice to us and you have to know where you go because it’s really difficult to find a toilet¬†station in there. ūüėā As always, we had such a blast on the tourbus with the other bands during our trip! Semblant and As I May are so funny, while we met for the first time also Dying Phoenix that joined us at Figueira Da Foz!

07/17/22 Day 3: Pontevedra, Spain РSala Rebullón

Day 3: Sala Rebullón, Pontevedra, Spain

I remember your Instagram stories from this day. You walked around and showed us some of the outside¬†of the venue. The location looked like a beautiful place! It seemed almost like a resort, with a swimming¬†pool and a children’s play area. Is there anything you’d like to say about the venue or how the show went?

The venue in Pontevedra was so stunning and the staff was awesome! One of the guys (maybe he was the owner, I don’t remember) did a Bolognese Rag√Ļ pasta and was scared about our opinion, haha! We¬†were impressed, it was good at last, but it was so funny listening to him admitting to have mixed¬†mushrooms into his Rag√Ļ, haha (of course I noticed that, but it wasn’t so bad!). During the day we had to launder our clothes, so we took the children area to dry our clothes (yes, a lot of clothes from four bands!).

07/18/22 Day 4: Madrid, Spain – Rockville

To me this seems like it was a very special show. Many of the best photos and video clips I’ve seen have¬†come from this show. Reporters from the Spanish YouTube channel Metal Remains even came out and did some filming and created a very cool live video report for the show, which they’ve posted on their YouTube channel.

We had a huge blast at Madrid, and the owners were nice too. Also we met a lot of our fans there! We didn’t know that we were known in Spain until that evening! I was surprised seeing people singing our songs, it was so emotional. The crowd was excited to be there. One of the most funny moments was As I May bringing beers instead of water in the bus, haha! We had a lot of beer… but no water!

07/19/22 Day 5: Barcelona, Spain РSala Bóveda

I’ll always remember this day as the first time we saw some video clips of you together with Sergio and Mizuho from Semblant. You posted several clips to your Instagram story after your arrival at the club where they were laughing hysterically and telling you how hot it was in this club and how miserably hot the showers were! And then later after the show you shared some video to your Instagram of everyone out at a restaurant having a great time.

The show in Barcelona was intense too! But the backstage was so hot! We had trouble with the showers (only hot water in July!). And it was a very hard day because of this, haha. It was hard to hit the stage with that heat but we had fans to refresh us on the stage! After the show, we were invited by a few fans to drink a beer in a local pub, so we went there with As I May to party with the guys! They were so nice and offered us loads of beer. If you are reading this guys: THANK YOU!

There is a very cool video report of this show that was done by a young man on his YouTube channel called Iron Madness. He did a very nice job. He put together a really cool video with about 3 minutes of live footage of FALSE MEMORIES and also some live footage of the other bands. I shared the clip on the Facebook Fan Group. Have you seen it?

Day 5: Sala Boveda, Barcelona, Spain

I remember a little guy in the crowd that said to me he has a YouTube channel, I will surely check after¬†the interview! ūüôā¬†

After this show the tour travels next to France. How was the trip and your arrival into France?

Totally in safe, as always. We had two great men as drivers: Peter and Aron! Thank you guys for your hard work, you always bring the bands from one point to another, your work is so important!

07/20/22 Day 6: Montpellier, France – Secret Place TAF

This was the middle show of the tour. How was everyone holding up at this point? I know that Europe was experiencing somewhat of a heatwave at this time. How much did the heat affect everyone? How was your energy level at this time?

It was hard, but not impossible! ūüôā We were really sweated and hitting the stage in that conditions it’s¬†hard, but we did it!

I am just now realizing that I have not seen any photos or video clips from this show, except for a couple of clips of the opening band. It looks like this was perhaps the smallest stage you played on during the tour. What are your thoughts on this show?

It was a small place, very far from the cities. Yes, it was one of the small stages of the tour, but people there were really nice too! I remember a guy (maybe 13 y.o.) with his parents that was completely stunned by our music. I always love when young guys and girls meet metal music. ūüĖ§

I’ve seen several video clips of all the bands having a friendly competiton after the show with some sort of mechanical punching bag. I believe Peter, the bus driver, won this competition! It looked like everyone was having a blast! Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Oh yes! I tried too, but the punch ball broken on it’s own, we don’t know what happened, haha!

After this show you head back home to Italy. How was the trip?

It was so bad! I remember that I woke up in the middle of the night because I was literally hitting the roof of my bunk, lmao! I was so pissed!

07/21/22 Day 7: Milano, Italy – Slaughter Club

On day 7 you play at the Slaughter Club in Milano. What thoughts and feelings were running through your head in anticipation of this show? You must have been a little nervous and also very excited?

Not at all! I was so happy to hit an Italian stage again because we have, of course, a lot of fun here and I simply was happy to see them again. ūüĖ§

What are your thoughts about how the show went?

Surely, it was the hottest show ever! All the guys of the bands were like fishes out of a lake: it was a very hot day (the most I think!) but it was a pleasure to play again in our Italy.

Day 7: Slaughter Club, Milano, Italy

I know at this show you saw a lot of friends and familiar faces. I imagine that was a really good feeling! What was it like coming to your home country with this tour?

Really strange! It was like the tour was at the end, but after the show we were ready to go again on the bus!

Are there any specific moments that stand out to you about this show?

I had the pleasure to meet some of my students and also little children with their parents! Of course, it was so special to meet again our dear Gianluca, that played bass with us for a long time before Dave. ūüôā

At this show you were joined for the first time by another Italian band that was supposed to finish out¬†the remainder of the tour with you, but instead they only played one more show. Is there anything you’d¬†like to say about why they didn’t finish out the rest of the tour?

I can’t say anything about that, there was just some problems…

I know you had a fairly long drive to Munich after this show.  How was the trip, did anything interesting or eventful happen on the way?

I don’t remember if we had this problem during that ride, but we got blocked by a pile of cars that restricted a street that we had to take. I remember that Francesco, Sergio, Thor, Johan (and I don’t remember the many others) helped Peter and Aron to solve that problem: they started to push the trailer behind the bus with their hands, because there was a little space between the cars (that were badly parked there!). Mizuho said to me, laughing “I am so happy to don’t do that with them”, she is so hilarious, haha!

07/22/22 Day 8: M√ľnchen, Germany – Backstage Club

Day 8: Backstage Club, M√ľnchen, Germany

This day of the tour you posted some funny videos to your Instagram of you, Moreno, Davide, Sergio and Mizuho from Semblant goofing around during As I May’s sound check. This seems like a good time to ask¬†about the chemistry between the three bands. It seems like you all really hit it off and became really¬†close and had a great time together. How would you describe the relationship between the three bands¬†at this stage of the tour?

Yes, we were really good with the guys of Semblant and As I May (they in particular just because we had more time to get to know them). We always write each other, I think that the chemistry became a very good friendship.

How was the show, or what sticks out most in your memory about this show?

The show was incredible! The German audience was so overwhelming! They really feel the metal music, so they were able to enjoy the entire show! All the people that were there with us, the staff at Backstage (a hell of a place, fantastic!) and, of course, the bands together! We partied because it was the birthday of Lasse from As I May and our tour manager, Cyril! There was a cake for the party, during the soundcheck, and right after the dinner (eating sweets before the dinner was too strange for me, an Italian girl haha).

07/23/22 Day 9: √úbach-Palenberg, Germany – Rockfabrik

What memories do you have from this show, How did it go and how was the crowd?¬†I believe there was some sort of after-party for this show. I’ve seen several really cool after show pictures! Can you tell us a little bit about that?

The crowd was pretty awesome! And no, it was not a party, we just met Marina La Torraca and Max van Esch from Phantom Elite! They were already in contact with Semblant and then we had the pleasure to know them too because they jumped in there! During our trip to Bratislava was a blast with all the bands, like every night in the bus!

07/24/22 Day 10: Bratislava, Slovakia – Randal Club

Day 10: Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia

What comes to mind when you think back on this show? Any specific memories from this day of the tour?

We had a special time with the guys in Bratislava. The crowd was special and funny, I always will take them in my heart, especially for the reason that they started to say random Italian words like “uno¬†due tre buonanotte” or were making the famous Italian gesture when I said to them to do it with me! I¬†loved them, we will surely hit Bratislava again.

07/25/22 Day 11: Berlin, Germany – Badehaus

So now we come to the final show of the tour. What should have been a day filled with joy and excitement was also mixed with some uncertainty. I know you went to the hospital in Berlin seeking relief for your tooth pain but found none. Your toothache had become so bad that you seriously considered not playing that night. Would you like to say anything about what you went through that day and how you finally came to the decision to play the show?

It was an intense day. Not just because it was our last gig, but also because I had a lot of problems because of my pain. Of course, Francesco was with me when I was at the hospital, but all the guys from Semblant (Sergio and Mizuho especially), Moreno and Dave, Jani etc. were encouraging me to go ahead. They are fantastic and I will always be grateful to have met people like them in my life.

The post you made on Facebook a few days after the last show, you said that because of all the love the crowd showed you your voice started to return and you were able to sing at about 60% of your normal capacity and it was almost like you were healed! Is that correct and can you describe how this felt?

During the show it was magical. I felt the heat from the crowd, I felt their love and I started to sing again (singing during the soundcheck was impossible for me). Music is also magic!

Just before Semblant’s last song, “What Lies Ahead“, Sergio called for several members of each band to¬†come up and join them on stage. What a perfect way to end the tour! I was hoping you all would do this!¬†I’ve seen video footage of this entire song and it looks like you all were having an absolute blast! Can you¬†describe what this was like and how it felt?

I think it was the most beautiful moment in friendship between all the bands, the moment in which all literally shared the stage!

European Tour 2022

Part 2:

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about each day of the tour Rossella! If you don’t mind I also have some general questions about the tour, not related to any specific show. First, did you have a chance to explore any of the cities you played, and if so what are your memories of them?¬†

Unluckily, I was not able to visit the cities because the days are too short! We worked hard every day loading in & out all the instruments and we needed to rest after every trip and every show. I barely was able to visit a little bit of Lyon, Berlin and Madrid, while the guys went also at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and other places. Our visit in Portugal was awesome! People are so nice and I love the breakfast! Uh, we did a visit to a gym that is very near to the RCA CLUB, haha!

You’ve already told me previously that the biggest surprise for you about this tour was the amount of¬†people who were already familiar with the band and your music.¬†Can you elaborate on that a little? Did you ask anyone how they had heard your music, and what¬†feedback did you get from them?

Seeing people singing your songs is priceless. Unfortunately, I didn’t have so much time to talk with a lot of them.

Singing and performing night after night for 11 shows in a row without a day off had to have been quite a challenge! How did your voice and your energy hold up? Besides the pain with your tooth, did you experience any difficulties and did you do anything in particular to take special care of your voice?

I always take care of my voice, I have to, especially if you are also a vocal coach. Usually I don’t do¬†something particular to have a perfect condition. I try to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours per night, to drink half a gallon of water (even better if it is more) to hydrate your vocal chords, to eat healthy (avoiding¬†few types of food directly before the performance), etc.

Rossella Moscatello

What was it like sharing a bus with two, and sometimes three other bands? What were the biggest challenges and what were the best things about it?

Having just one little bathroom and no rooms to change your clothes is very challenging! However we managed all those aspects. On the other hand, we were so happy to share this experience with the other bands: it was impossible to be bored!

With each band coming from a different region and speaking a different language, was it difficult to communicate with each other and how did you deal with that?

I think it was pretty natural to speak English with everyone, but sometimes it was difficult because of your tiredness! Sergio, for example, tried to talk with me in Portuguese, and I made the same mistake with him, but in Italian! By the way, Mizuho and I always had fun by teaching each other our native language!

I know from some of your Instagram stories that you and Mizuho had some good laughs together. What did you think of her and how would you describe the experience of touring and sharing the stage with her?

She is a wonderful person, I personally think this of her! You know, when you know a person day per¬†day, it’s ways better than know the same ones through his/her socials. I found a good friend in her and I think she is really sweet. Ciao, Mizuho! ūüôā

Were there certain songs that seemed to go over better than others to the crowds and do you think this experience will help you when writing and recording for the next album?

Of course it helped us! We wrote the new album with a new experience. Understanding what works better was extremely useful to write the next album.

I would say Davide has passed the live test with flying colors! His energy adds a boost of excitement to¬†the band’s live show and he plays the songs great! I must say that I am very impressed! I’m sure you¬†would agree and is there anything you would like to say about the addition of Davide to the band as the¬†bass player and not just the sound engineer?

He is a multi-talented guy! It is not so simple to know how much he was a great addition for us from the outside, but trust me: he can do a lot (I mean: A LOT) of things as a musician and, of course, as a sound engineer!

Did you forget to pack anything for the tour and did you take your alpaca slippers (lol)?

I couldn’t take my fluffy and hairy alpaca slippers just because we were in the middle of the hot¬†Summer!

“The Last Night Of Fall” album

Is there anything you would like to add in closing to all the fans who saw you on this tour?

Yes, I want to say to all the fans who where there that I am so glad to have known each of them in person, I want to thank them for having such beautiful moments with us, sharing a word after the gig or a beer in a bar during the night! All this was so unforgettable to me and I will be always grateful for this!

Well once again Rossella, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for me and¬†for Female Fronted Power! It’s been a real pleasure putting these questions together for you and reading¬†your answers! Congratulations again to you and the band on the success of your very first tour! I am very¬†much hoping that I too will have a chance to see you live in the US someday!

Thank you Mike and thanks to Female Fronted Power for this nice long talk! Certainly thanks also to all the readers that arrived here! We will hit USA too, ASAP I hope!

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