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Italian power metal force FROZEN CROWN have added a new member to their collective, guitarist Alessia Lanzone. She will make her live debut with the band on September 16 in Germany. Here’s the official statement from the band as was placed on their Facebook page recently:


Dear friends, yes, you’re seeing right: there’s a sixth member in our band (and this is not temporary)! Her name is Alessia Lanzone and she’s going to share lead and rhythm guitar duties with Sheena and Federico both live and in the studio! Just like Niso when he joined the band, she’s just 17 years old, but during the last months spent secretly together she already gave us proof of her huge talent, as well as being an awesome person, and we can’t wait to finally introduce her to you live! She’ll make her live debut with us at our next show September 16 in Tuttlingen (DE), where we’ll bring her on stage with us for the first time for an exclusive and unique event! Don’t miss it!

FROZEN CROWN AlessianewAs you know, we progressively increased the amount of guitar tracks in our albums, and nowadays our songs are a feast of harmonized riffs and leads, counting dozens of guitar layers, at least in the studio. During our stage performances we’ve been missing for long the huge impact a rhythm guitar player can add during twin leads, and lead guitar wise, Sheena and Federico had to re-arrange many songs, sacrificing many parts for the sake of them sounding right in a live environment and not too empty. Yes, some may say: why don’t you simply add guitar layers in your backing tracks like most bands do nowadays? The answer is we never included guitars in our backing tracks, and we never will. That just feels so wrong. Yes, this may go in sharp contrast with the latest tendencies of having layers and layers of instruments (and even vocals) included in the backing tracks: many bands do that and it’s definitely more practical (as well as it’s making things easier, let alone having less people in the line-up means less travel costs). But that’s not our cup of tea, we just want to sound as live as possible (and if you ever attended one of our live shows lately you’d already know we just have a few keyboard as sequences, mostly just in some crucial parts, and that we always sounded as raw as possible). We always did what we felt doing, and never followed any trend since day 0. So here we are: FROZEN CROWN is officially becoming a band with three guitar players!

So let’s welcome Alessia: thanks to her our live songs are going to sound truer to their original sound and our shows are going to turn into an even crazier guitar action feast!

FEDERICO MONDELLI: Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals