FRANTIC AMBER’s Elizabeth Andrews In her Quarantine Days

Although the COVID-19 topic officially stopped on May 31st, we’re making one final exception for FRANTIC AMBER’s Elizabeth Andrews, because she has put so much effort in her answers to the 3 questions. Read here how she gets through the days in this still ongoing nasty virus situation.

1. How do you survive this COVID-19 crisis?

I remind myself that this is temporary and that life will go on again. I think that the pandemic has been handled well here in Denmark and I have felt somewhat safe through most of it. I’ve been tested twice because I had some symptoms, but both times were negative and was just a normal cold, which I also anticipated. It’s scary that this has changed so drastically: If feeling under the weather, the brain goes directly to COVID-19 as well as society also having rules to isolate and test if any symptoms are felt. Apart from that I have been focusing a great deal on my health in general and taking care of myself both physically and mentally. I was quite isolated for some months living with my boyfriend and family but since then it’s become less acute and we have been a bit more out and about, but it’s still ongoing and we stay careful. During the complete lockdown I was very thankful for not living alone and got to enjoy the extra time spent at home with people I love and even had spare time for gaming and really completely relaxing without any plans, this was a small treat in all this madness. – I also got some creative work done at home recording and making videos. For example we just released a cover of ‘Once Upon The Crossby Deicide:


2. What do you miss most (personal or band wise) during these days?

I miss the physical contact with family and friends outside of my household. Not hugging when seeing people I care about and taking the precautions of distance and meeting outside and so forth did feel unnatural. I know it’s necessary, but I look forward to the times where we once again feel safe shaking hands with strangers and hugging our loved ones. Another aspect I miss is of course seeing my band members and playing concerts! We haven’t seen each other since the borders shut down, us being spread out in Sweden and me in Denmark. Hopefully we will be able to do our only concert that hasn’t been cancelled yet: Metalova Missa in Czech Republic in September.

3. What is the first thing you will do when this whole thing is over?

Hug everyone! Go out! Travel! Concerts! – I really look forward to when it’s all over and the fear/worry that will remain for quite some time has subsided.

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