Dan Rock Žena (Women’s Rock Day) in Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Dan Rock Žena (Women’s Rock Day) is a festival that supports all-female bands. Sisters Sasha and Sonja Zagorc, founders of the first all-female metal group HELLCATS in Slovenia, had an idea back in 2015 to invite female artists and start a festival in their home town Ljubljana unlike all the others in the region. In 2025, the festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, but the celebration will start this year because they managed to get the amazing female thrash metal band NERVOSA to headline the festival!DAN ROCK ZENA NervosaIn a male-dominated metal scene, HELLCATS had to deal with a lot of unaugmented criticism and lived through hard times back in 2003 when they started. They were a DIY band from the beginning. Writing songs, PR, management, driving to gigs, and much more. This kept their head on the right place when their career grew and the tours and big gigs came after recording a critically acclaimed album. This is the reasons why the two sisters have decided to help other young female musicians and all-female bands by giving them the chance to be heard. Having achieved that, they are pioneers in fighting for the rights of women in rock music in Europe.DAN ROCK ZENA HellcatsDan Rock Žena is a music festival which has an all-female line-up and where all the bands present their original music. The festival supports female musicians by giving them a place in music they deserve and encourages them into making songs and helps them to present their work. It takes place in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana on the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day. This year the festival will host Nervosa from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hellcats from Ljubljana, Slovenia and Rouigenoire from Milano, Italy.DAN ROCK ZENA RougeNoireEvent: https://www.orto-bar.com/dogodki/koncerti/dan-rock-zena-2024

Dan Rock Žena: https://www.facebook.com/danrockzena
NERVOSA: https://www.facebook.com/nervosa
HELLCATS: https://www.facebook.com/hellcats.si
ROUGENOIRE: https://www.facebook.com/rougenoire